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Physical Media Still in Demand


Official figures released for the UK and USA have both shown growth in the spend on video entertainment between January and March 2013 in comparison to the previous year same period. To make it even better news is the level of growth achieved – the UK market alone saw total growth in spend for video entertainment of 10.1%. This figure is for both digital and physical formats, but get this – physical format value sales are up by 7.2%!

These figures are helped by a number of factors – first and foremost of course is the quality of new movies released and thus far there have been a number of great performing releases such as Skyfall, Twilight Saga, Madagascar 3 to name a few. In fact official chart figures show that new releases were up by 24% for year to date so the confidence is obviously still strong in the industry.

Why then do we still hear some many doubters over the future of the disc? Video alone, current stats show physical media bought takes 67% of the market share, physical media rental takes 11% and digital only 22%. How can we doubt 78% of the market value which is still showing good levels of growth?

Blu-Ray naturally is showing the fastest growth for physical media, in fact sales of Blu-Ray discs alone have increased a whopping 44% for this period but when you look at the entire picture, it still proves DVDs performing well. Although the growth percentage of Blu-Ray looks impressive, total revenue from physical format sales alone still only accounts for 18% of the market share of video content on physical discs. So 82% for DVD? Doesn’t look that gloomy all of a sudden!

Nobody is denying the demand for digital is growing but this does not mean digital is replacing physical and these facts prove that. Digital spend is up but so is physical spend so growth over all formats can only be positive for the entertainment industry as a whole.

Digital Disc Duplication provides the complete service for physical media, from authoring to manufacturing.


CD Manufacturing for musicians


Being a musician, whether professionally or purely for the undeniable pleasure it brings, the personal goal is always to perform at your best possible ability. Seeking perfection when on stage or in the recording studio often means hours of rehearsals leading upto the main event but the pure buzz you get when you perform that perfect gig or come out of the studio with the perfect mix is difficult to beat!

Despite the continuing gloom of the economy however, practically everybody still enjoys music and will normally allow a small percentage of their budgets to buy new material. Downloading obviously makes this more accessable to many and possibly cheaper if they are track selecting rather than complete albums but having said that there are still many people that prefer a physical CD for their money rather than just a file.

The options for CD manufacturing are duplication for low volume or replication for larger volume. While replication is the ideal route to take for highest possible quality, the required volume may simply not be there always however the good news is with vastly improved printing methods for short runs in comparison to years gone by, quality need not be compromised and therefore with the desire to achieve the best possible result the choices are no longer limited.

If you are needing just a hundred or so CDs to sell at your gig or purely to send for promotion, you can be confident they can be produced at the highest quality and not look home made anymore. They do now impress for your intended promotion!

While times are difficult and budgets are smaller, it is reassuring to know available options will not compromise your objective to provide the best possible production.

HMV in administration – what next for the music industry?


Let’s face it – the writing has been on the wall for a while now and HMV have gone into administration. The fact there appears to be interested parties in buying the company does hold out some hope for our high streets to retain a genuine music product outlet but inevitably it will mean fewer stores nationwide and therefore not quite the prominence of old. But what has gone wrong and what could be done should a buyer come forward to prevent repeat?

Well HMV themselves of course have blamed all except themselves! Ever falling sales due to online competition, supermarkets offering cut price deals, downloads taking over from physical product and no doubt higher rates to pay for premises but are all these purely the reason why they should have failed? I for one thinks not. First and foremost, customers want value and in the current economical climate, every penny counts. It is therefore logical that few people are going to pay ten pounds for something they can easily get for eight for example (on like for like product). It is therefore imperitive for any business to compete when it comes to price. Not that difficult to figure out really and surely it is better to sell higher volumes at a smaller profit than insufficient volumes at higher margins? But is it really just that simple? Probably not but maybe here are a few other scenarios that could be considered that would give the likes of HMV the edge..

Lets compare the competition with supermarkets. They are only stocking the typical chart and X Factor stuff because they have small space for entertainment and it is not their hardcore element of business, simply a “while you are here” option. Amazon now for example have no space concerns and therefore no lack of product range but they have no showcase possibilities. HMV on the other hand have large stores dedicated to media products and therefore can offer the full range other than just the chart and x factor stuff and they also have a “venue” where customers can visit. Why call it a venue? Well consider putting on a regular event to attract visitors – something Amazon couldn’t do – and while the visitors were there, more often than not sales would be made! The event need not cost as there would be thousands of unsigned acts, with local interest to any particular store who would love to highight their new album and have it available to buy in store! Free concert, promoting new artists, more store visitors who “while there” may well also buy a game or DVD…… it’s what used to happen (in fact Elgar opened the first HMV store) and it worked then so why not now?

I certainly hope HMV remains but I also hope it changes its views and helps the actual music industry as a whole because I for one believes there is a genuine demand and need for retails outlets within the industry and if used properly they could just help in showcasing a great number of artists who are too good for X factor but otherwise do not get heard! Digital Disc Duplication are providing the lowest CD manufacturing costs in its history and therefore margins from manufacture to retail remain decent enough for business to work with slightly lower selling prices.  

New Year – New Services from Digital Disc Duplication


What better way to start a new year other than offering greater choice and additional services to clients new and old. While remaining the CD manufacturing specialists there are now numerous additions offered by Digital Disc Duplication that can support and promote your products further. The additional services remain such as Audio mastering, DVD authoring, CD-ROM creation and graphic  design that will provide the ultimate result for your music CD release, DVD or corporate presentation but now there are further products available to boost the promotion too!

Releasing your new album and planning a launch party? Why not have customised posters and tickets printed to support the launch and get additional sales at the gig by offering custom printed t-shirts, mugs, calendars or possibly even drum sticks! Special promotions available at the launch only could increase sales revenues on the night in order to cover the production costs quicker!

New product catalogue to send to corporations or presentation that needs to be seen? Consider USB duplication with your logo printed on the body. Not only is the USB stick a lightweight item to post but it can prove a useful tool for the recipient meaning each time they use it they will be reminded of your company! Alternatively there are mouse mats – or even the actual mouse – that could be printed with your corporate logo that are a great giveaway at trade shows meaning your company name is never far from sight!

It is surprising what could be printed to your design and without the need to print thousands of them either! You may only want fifty t-shirts or twenty mugs for example or to the other scale you may need ten thousand USB sticks! All combinations are possible and only one call away!

Our website will be updated very soon with more details of these new products and services so watch this space or if you would like more information or quotes without the wait please contact Digital Disc Duplication via email – or call 01793 863909.

Last minute CD duplication


T’is the season for CD duplication – too late I’m afaid to guarantee CD replication this side of Christmas but it is still possible (if you’re quick!) to get duplication. Been booked for Christmas party or even New Year Eve gig? Use the opportunity to sell some of your CDs and to make a few extra quid!

Even if you’ve just finished your latest album and not due for official release until the new year, why not use the festive gigs to get a few advance sales while you potentially play to completely new audiences that would otherwise not hear you? Chances are if you give them a great party to remember they will want to go away with memento.

The other advantage of duplication over replication, other than the turnaround time is the fact you can get shorter runs. Replication is typically cost effective for 500+ copies but duplication could provide say 100 copies just to cover immediate needs.

Yes quality can vary with duplication, especially with the print so be sure to check what is offered. Cheapest price quite often means cheapest quality. Digital Disc Duplication offer only top quality screen or litho print for the discs themselves rather than inkjet etc therefore appearance is exactly as a genuinely replicated CD.

Yes we would always suggest replication for the ultimate quality and compatibility but sometimes it does not warrant the time required or the quantity so duplication does provide the ideal alternative. Just favour your odds of quality by choosing the service provider carefully.

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year and hope this festive season proves successful in sales of your latest (and back catalogue) CDs.


CD Replication still hot in demand


How many of us do you think genuinely take a long time considering the gifts we will buy for family and friends at Christmas? More often than not we take a couple of hours either shopping online or nipping to the nearest shops during lunchbreaks to get it all completed as quickly as possible! As a result of this lack of interest and time to research all options, the old favourites such as books, toileteries and of course CDs end up in our shopping baskets! It is probably fair to say a very high percentage of us will each receive at least one CD in our gift pile because music is something practically everybody will have an interest in.
Because we like to actually give presents rather than vouchers, demand for physical CDs remains high and this year is proving no different showing the volume of requirement for CD replication. It’s not only the major releases that benefit from greater demand either. There is much more awareness of independant releases available and how to buy them too.
More people will buy at gigs because they know a friend who would like what they’ve just heard and as the celebrations for the festive season start with office parties and annual friends gatherings more artists find new audiences as they tour the circuit. It doesn’t just end at Christmas Day either because a week later it’s the New Year celebrations and the feel good party atmosphere bring more people out to see in the ever hopeful optimistic better than last year celebrations, therefore more opportunity to reach new audiences who would potentially buy your latest CD release.
As always, CD replication requirements peak during the build up to the festive season and this year the increase in demand has not started any later than previous years. Another indication that demand for CDs has not fallen as much as some would have you believe! It is always best to allow for that little bit extra time in planning your release so that you do not miss out on the extra sales opportunities.
Digital Disc Duplication will help plan your projects to meet with your required launch dates so why not call today and get great service at excellent prices. And they make everything here in the UK too for that extra secure knowledge of IPR protection and quality assurance! Make the most of the highest demand for CD sales for the year and make sure you make your release date on time! Have a great Christmas!

Talking Xmas already? …..


So the summer festival season is over and despite the typical British weather, the attendances were typically to the limit resulting in great atmospheres and increased sales of CDs for artists at the stalls! But what next? Well it’s Christmas! There, I’ve said it in September! (still, the chocolates have been on sale in supermarkets since July so I’m not that premature!)
Although it seems an age away, in order to make the most of the highest sales potential for the whole year it is essential to get releases prepared and out there as quickly as possible. CD replication is at capacity from now through mid December therefore delaying your artwork preparation or audio mastering for example could cause problems meeting your launch date!
Digital Disc Duplication always suggests allowing three full weeks for replication during this period, and for some packaging such as the ever popular digipack (for which we have some great deals by the way) it is best to allow for even more time. Advance planning is never a bad idea and at least if you advise of when your launch date is you can know when the artwork and master would be needed by in order to make the deadline. Because the manufacturing is actually here in the UK you know the quality will be of the highest standard and there will be no delivery delays which all help to give you just that little bit extra breathing space!
It is astonishing to consider that something like 70% of the total sales of CDs for the year are for the christmas period – huge volumes and this isn’t just for the major releases! If you’re booked to perform at a company christmas party, chances are if you have CDs to sell there will be willing buyers! All possible events and places to sell your CD will see increased interest as happens year after year so don’t miss out!
Contact Digital Disc Duplication to be sure to make your deadline and get your share of this increased sales window called Christmas!

The future of CD according to HMV…


So HMV have predicted the life of the CD to be for another five years only. And they have based this information on all facts? Of course not – this is a result of their sales volumes only and although they would like to think the only place to buy CDs is at HMV it is clearly not the case.

Now although it is clear fewer sales are achieved through retail stores (as is the same for many items these days) there are also many other facts to consider for the CD.
Sales volumes have certainly fallen since the peak in the mid 2000’s and by some considerable amount this is true but look at why.

Digital downloads are the largest factor in this and as a direct result, physical CD singles are rarely released these days. It makes sense to download an individual track for pence rather than buy a CD of the same track for pounds. Now imagine how many singles are bought each week and take that volume of physical sales off for CDs and there you will find the majority of the volume fall in sales of CDs straight away.

This in no means shows the start of a trend but accounts for the understandable difference in requirement now compared to when there was no alternative. From the other point though, while the albums are also available for download in the same way as singles, sales of albums have not switched to digital and therefore shows the consumers want to have physical CDs for their money and to maintain a collection.

Also consider the options available for where to buy your CDs from. We all like to save money and if that means buying from online retailers rather than shops it is natural to do so. We understand and certainly sympathise with the fact stores have higher costs to meet than online retailers but the simple fact is consumers won’t consider that and just buy from them because they feel sorry for them.

It is up to the retail stores to offer the incentive rather than complain. Reward schemes or bonus items for example. Yes all would eat into profits a bit but it is surely better to compete and remain in profit rather than do nothing but complain and disappear altogether?

Maybe the likes of HMV should support independent artists directly more as well – it is difficult to get your music to retail unless you are signed to a label with distribution and all that goes with that. With huge margins taken by the distributors and retail stores there is less for the writer of the actual music which is simply wrong.

It is little wonder these artists self release and go via online distribution and sales at gigs etc rather than attempt the retail store route. With direct support from stores it could possibly prove a win win situation for retailer and artist. Something new and exclusive to attract the customer through the doors of the shop!

I certainly do not agree with the views of HMV regarding the future of the CD – I think they are words of sour grapes. Digital Disc Duplication are continuing to see higher demands for CD replication year on year which can only prove positive for the industry and long will this continue.

Proud to be Made in the UK


How often do we hear phrases from governments such as “we have the best skilled work force here in the UK compared to anywhere” yet in the next breath all floodgates are opened to allow “free trading” between countries from all around the world and the UK? Now obviously there is a need for certain levels of free trading between different economies – at the end of the day there are certain items we all need that simply cannot be produced within our beloved UK for various reasons but there are many things also that could and have been produced here in the UK at the highest quality possible but are no longer made here due to other suppliers providing them cheaper. But does cheaper always provide the best results?
So you’ve saved a whole £1 on that shirt because it was stitched in China rather than Cumbria but then you have to replace it within weeks because that cheaper stitching has come apart….. now I’m not suggesting this is always the scenario but let’s be honest, there are not many of us that believes the things we buy Made “outside of the UK” are the best in quality but more often than not there is no longer the choice. As a result of there being no longer the choice, the prices we pay creep up and therefore defeats the object of farming that work out of country in the first place. Having competition in any business is good and healthy – particularly for the consumer because it means suppliers have to keep prices honest and keen but when the competition is removed due to one supplier (or one supplying country) cost cutting so dramatically there is nothing left to prevent that cost cutting supplier to control pricing to boost their profits.
Apart from anything else, it is also a confidence boost for quality just seeing the label “Made in the UK”. You kind of feel buying something with that label not only will be good quality but it is protecting jobs for these difficult times where new jobs are difficult to find. It does seem sometimes that not much product is actually made here in the UK these days however CD replication is still very much available despite the overseas competition (and even the UK companies sourcing manufacturing overseas purelyl for cheaper product). If you’re a musician in the UK or a film producer in the UK, why not have your CD or DVD replicated here in the UK and add with pride to your artwork “MADE IN THE UK”.

Festival Time


Summer is here (as I look out at the rain pouring down!) and that means the festival season is in full swing! With the major events already being attended to capacity there are ever increasing numbers of smaller events in all areas around the UK showcasing not only known artists but introducing local artists as well.
There’s something about playing in outdoor settings that creates that extra buzz – probably combination of the feel good factor of summer itself and the atmosphere due to high energy crowds that you just can’t quite get the same interaction from when indoors.
We all know about Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, V etc etc which are of course those that are sold out year on year but there are literally hundreds of other outdoor gigs and festivals in practically every county that are staged and create the same electric buzz and feel good factor. Sometimes being on the smaller scale it feels that little bit closer to the live action and therefore making you feel part of the whole event rather than relying on the big screens.
As ever there are loads of merchandise stalls selling the usual home made jewelery and crafts but these also add to the unique feel of our UK festivals. For the performers it also provides ideal opportunity to sell their merchandise and music. If you’re an up and coming artists with the chance to perform at any of these events over the summer it would be an ideal time to arrange your CD duplication and make some extra needed cash!
Enjoy the summer while it lasts – get to the outside gigs and experience the atmosphere for yourself. It’s not always muddy but even if it is, nobody cares as all are there for one thing only – to have a great time!