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CD Replication review

CD replication or duplication?

CD Replication is often mistakenly referred to as CD duplication. In true professional interpretations of the terms, replication is very different to duplication not only in the technical means but also in the quality of the end result. For technical differences to the methods please see our brief description on CD Replication and compare to that of CD Duplication . Here however let me explain the end product difference.

Professionally released retail CD products, whether they are Audio CD’s or CD-ROMS are all produced by companies such as Digital Disc Duplication who offer CD Replication services. Why? Well the most important factor is that replication is the only method that WILL GUARANTEE all CD’s will work. Fact. Should you duplicate copies there is simply NO guarantee that all will work on any CD drive. There are various reasons for this including type of blank discs used for the duplication not working well with particular brands of CD drive or the speed at which the CD is duplicated for example. For replication, neither of these possible flaws are a factor. Replicated CD’s are pressed from a stamper created from a near perfect master known as the glass master. This is the only way to be sure that every copy is identical and therefore no speed or material differences cause any problems.

Another major factor in the favour of CD replication over duplication is the appearance and quality of the final product. Although of course you could package duplicated CD’s in the same way as replicated CD’s, the printing on the discs themselves are normally very different. CD Replication facilities offer high quality screen or litho printing direct to the disc surface. This is then coated to protect the print and the actual content of the disc itself. It is often believed the data on any CD is directly on the reverse surface of the disc whereas in fact for replicated CD’s the data is actually the layer directly below the printed surface. Printing therefore offered by CD Replication facilities not only looks fantastic but it also serves as a protection to the content. CD Duplication facilities COULD offer screen printing (if the quantity warranted this method) however most are printed with simple inkjet printers or thermal printers. Some still use adhesive labels. Although this print method for duplicated CD’s has vastly improved over recent years, it still cannot compare with screen or litho printed CD’s. Then consider of course the method of CD duplication where the data is actually written or burnt directly to the reverse surface of the disc, the printing offers no protection to the data and therefore leaves the duplicated CD more prone to damage.

All this said, CD Duplication still provides a valuable method for creating short run (usually less than 300) copies that are ideal for promotional purposes or indeed back up copies. This does mean these copies could not end up on the shop shelf but could be the ideal route towards gaining enough interest to get to the shop shelf!

The same applies for DVD replication versus DVD duplication. Whilst duplicated DVD’s can be seen as demonstration discs or simply back ups, the professional retail product will always be the replicated DVD.

The conclusion therefore is, to offer product for sale via reputable retail outlets or internet shops you will need to ensure you use a company such as Digital Disc Duplication who offer DVD replication and CD Replication services.

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