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DVD Replication review

DVD replication or duplication?

DVD replication services are available to all companies and individuals who are looking to commercially release their product or simply mass produce their demonstration material or portfolio etc. The possibilities for the DVD format opens up a whole new market for product type and methods for portraying your company. Whether you are releasing High Definition Audio, full length feature films, video games or even complete product catalogues the DVD provides the perfect platform for all of these and more.

When it comes to choosing your dvd manufacturer for your requirements there are many factors to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is for who or where you are targeting your DVD. For example, if you are creating product for the retail outlets you must ensure you choose a dvd manufacturer who offers dvd replication services and not purely duplication. There are many key differences between replication and duplication however the main fact is dvd replication is the only method to guarantee 100% compatibility whereas dvd duplication is simply copying to a blank dvd-r and not all dvd drives will play all copied dvd-r’s. For more details see the comparisons for cd replication over cd duplication as same apply for DVD.

Another key issue to consider when choosing your dvd manufacturer is the extent of the service you require. Not all dvd manufacturing facilities can offer all services associated with dvd. Digital Disc Duplication however offers complete project management to include dvd authoring, graphic design and of course dvd replication. While you may simply require the actual dvd manufacturing from your ready prepared master and artwork it is still good to have the knowledge that your chosen provider has the complete facility to correct any problems or possibly make any last minute changes. It could also prove more cost effective to choose one company with the expertise and facility to manage your project from start to finish.

As with CD’s the final appearance for your DVD project can also prove crucial to the success and you will often notice the print on your Hollywood blockbuster DVD is of fantastic litho quality. It is highly unlikely you would achieve such high quality using dvd duplication facilities however Digital Disc Duplication offer high quality screen or litho print for their dvd replication services. With a variety of packaging options available and the graphic design service offered, choosing Digital Disc Duplication as your dvd manufacturer can help you to achieve the highest quality of product to sit alongside those Hollywood blockbuster DVD’s.

DVD duplication of course still does offer the ideal route for producing low quantities (usually less than 500) to be used as promotional or back up copies however in order to guarantee your DVD is of the highest possible quality and fit for the shop shelf you will need to ensure your chosen dvd manufacturer offers the complete services for replication. Digital Disc Duplication offers the complete one stop shop facility for all such requirements from DVD authoring to dvd replication.

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