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Audio CD Duplication

Audio CD Duplication for Low Volume

Duplication does not produce a professional retail ready CD and can never be 100% guaranteed. For that you must use CD replication services. Don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise.

As we know however there are minimum order requirements for audio CD replication and sometimes this is simply too many for your requirements! And because of the processes involved with replication it may just take a little bit too long to make it in time for that gig you have coming up in a few days time.

For times like that, duplication is an ideal option and Digital Disc Duplication can offer as close to a professional looking retail CD as possible in a very short time! You many only need 100 copies or you may need discs completed within 48 hours (or even sooner!) and with audio CD duplication services offered by Digital Disc Duplication, you can get just that. The quanity you need and even the quick turnaround.

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We only use top quality grade A media to reduce the risk of failure and thorough tests are carried out in order to maintain as close to 100% compatibility as possible.

As with CD replication there are still many packaging options although some of these may take longer to produce than the time you have. Contact us to find out more for your project.

CD Duplication vs. CD Replication

Audio CD Replication offers screen or offset on body print and with audio CD duplication we offer digital inkjet or thermal on body print – not cheap printed labels that peel off after a short while!

Inlays and booklets can still be professionally litho printed if quantity and time allows but we can still offer excellent quality digitally printed inserts for the very quick turnarounds or the lower quantities. We can even shrink-wrap the final product!

Contact us to see if we can make your deadline or complete the quote enquiry form with your requirements and we will provide the closest to the professional replicated CD product in the shortest possible time. For more info regarding the differences between replication and duplication see our CD Replication Review page and if you have any further questions or concerns please call us. We look forward to hearing from you.