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CD-ROM Replication

CD-ROM Replication

CD-ROM replication services offered by Digital Disc Duplication provides an ideal platform in communicating the benefits of your business to your target audience. A corporate CD-ROM provides a way for you to share a very rich but highly accessible interactive multimedia presentation. With CD-ROMs you can include a full video or large format pictures as well as an enormous amount of data such as informative and in-depth product information and using cd replication services from Digital Disc Duplication will ensure your clients will be able to access your presentation. Whilst cd duplication methods are suitable for smaller quantities of CD’s (typically less than 250) only replication can guarantee all will work. Duplication does however also provide ideal solution for producing back up copies. If you are unsure whether this would be sufficient for your needs please call to discuss your requirements.

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CD-ROMs are great for dynamic corporate presentations, interactive resumes, slideshows, 3D animations, product launches, the education of both children and adults, database integrated programs, product demonstrations, kiosk POS systems, trade shows and computer-based training. CD-ROMs make things simpler and more straightforward in a world that is seemingly becoming more complicated. Using discs to spread your company profile also provide more environmentally friendly platforms, using less materials than traditional paper catalogues or presentations. DVD replication or duplication could even provide enough capacity for the largest of catalogues!

Interested our in CD-ROM replication services  but don’t know where to start? Contact Digital Disc Duplication and one of our expert staff will guide you through the process. We can provide everything you need from initial authoring services and content correlation to menu generation and bulk replication. Should your presentation require larger capacity, dvd replication could be the service for you. However much material you have to portray to your potential clients, Digital Disc Duplication can provide the complete service from master creation to the cd replication or dvd replication requirements. The final presentation and packaging of your CD-ROM can be equally as important so we are also here to help with the design of your artwork or simply to advise on the packaging possibilities and requirements.

Already have a CDR Master? Contact Digital Disc Duplication and we’ll ensure that your master is properly checked for technical accuracy before producing a Glass Master. We ensure that every copy produced will be identical and will work properly, every time, in the widest range of computers.* It is worth noting that any quote you receive without glass mastering included is likely to be for duplication instead of replication.

We will be more than happy to help if you have any questions about your requirements for cd duplication, or any of the other services that we have on offer, including dvd replication and cd replication .

* System requirements may vary subject to content

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