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DVD Replication

DVD Replication or Duplication?

Is there a difference and does it matter? Well basically DVD’s that are replicated are truly 100% compatible with every DVD player / DVD-ROM drive, whereas DVD-R’s that are duplicated (burnt) cannot give the same guarantee they will work due to so many possible compatibility issues such as + or – R’s and even the writer used to burn the discs! You wouldn’t buy the latest Hollywood blockbuster from a shop and find it does not work because it is a duplicated DVD-R! You just KNOW it will work because it has been produced using the DVD replication method!

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The DVD format has become recognised throughout the industry as the perfect format for video, data and, more recently, high quality audio.

DVDs are essentially CDs with much more space so they’re great for films, instructional videos, presentations or any application where a CD just does not have the required storage capacity.

Digital Disc Duplication is the company to come to for DVD-Authoring and DVD Replication . We can offer advice regarding your product and help with the creation of the final master or artwork . We have experts on hand to help with every aspect of your DVD Authoring including extensive audio and video recording, mixing and Audio Mastering facilities; we also have professional graphic designers and artists available to help create your perfect design from start to finish or simply to check your finished files.

If you already have a finished master then Digital Disc Duplication can ensure it is checked for technical accuracy before producing a Glass Master for bulk production. This is the key stage to differentiate between DVD Replication and DVD Duplication. In order to for DVD’s to be replicated this stage is an essential requirement. Look for this phrase on any quotes you have. If any quote does NOT include glass mastering then there is a good chance that quote is for duplicated DVD-R’s and NOT replicated DVD’s.

We ensure that every copy produced will be identical and will work properly, every time, in the widest range of DVD players.*

If you have any questions about your requirements for DVD replication, or any of the other services that we have on offer, including Audio CD replication and CD-ROM replication , we will be more than happy to help

*System requirements may vary subject to content

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