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Whether you require replication or duplication,  we have experts available to help with all your cd or dvd manufacturing requirements.

With the addition of Blu-Ray Replication and USB duplication to our leading CD & DVD replication services, Digital Disc Duplication UK provides the ultimate single source for all.

Our staff have years of experience working within the industry and it is this experience that gives us the best working partnerships with our suppliers, enabling us to offer great value at the highest quality, backed by our superb level of customer service.

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CD Replication

The process of replication may often be confused with that of duplication but it is important to recognise that there are significant technical and practical differences between the two. The duplication process is simply a basic copy but the cd replication and dvd replication process requires greater technical work to produce an exact copy. The creation of an exact copy means that the CD will work in any number of players whereas with CD duplication, this cannot be guaranteed as a particular CD player may not read a certain brand of CD. The CD replication process avoids problems such as these with the production of a glass master which allows for exact bulk replication. This production is an exact process that prevents any factors such as dusts, pollen etc. from affecting it, so that exact copies of the master can be produced.

CD Duplication

This process is the most popular method of CD manufacturing. This technique, more commonly referred to as ‘burning’ has entered the public consciousness whereby optical disc authoring software is used to transfer information to discs such as CD-Rs. Duplication has become part of the lives of people across the globe as they create copies of their albums or software for a number of different reasons. However, whilst this method may seem quick and convenient, it cannot be guaranteed that a duplicate copy will play in every machine every time due to compatibility variations. A particular brand of CD player may only play a particular brand of duplicated CD. Users of this method should also note that it does not provide an exact copy as would be the case with CD replication. Our services use only grade A media to provide the highest possible compatibility.

DVD Duplication

The DVD has become the standard method by which consumers enjoy movies and other content leading to an explosion in the practice of DVD duplication. The immense popularity of this service is highlighted by the fact that it has almost consigned the VHS video format to the history books as shelf space in stores is now taken up almost entirely by DVDs.  This has allowed people to share movies, presentations and other large amounts of data due to the DVD format’s high capacity storage. However, as with other duplication services, the simple copying of the data on a DVD can present a number of unforeseen problems. Modern DVD players and computers support a wide range of formats although it is not guaranteed that any duplicate DVD will work on any player as would be the case with DVD replication.

DVD Replication

The process of replication provides one crucial bonus over the duplication method – replicated DVDs are compatible with every DVD player and DVD-Rom drive whereas with a duplicate this cannot be guaranteed. This is important as recently DVD has become the accepted format for videos and high quality audio. A duplicate DVD not working on a particular player would prove to be highly annoying for someone settling down to watch a blockbuster movie but with the replication process worries like these can be set aside. As is the case with CDs, for replication, a glass master needs to be created to allow exact copies to be made. The delicate process means that a room needs to keep free of all forms of dust and smoke which could affect the master. However, once it has been completed these particles can no longer affect it and exact copies are ready to be made.

CD Manufacturing

To enhance our CD manufacturing we also offer complete CD-ROM creation and Audio Mastering services. If you are looking to have a CD made from the ground up, then our team can meet all of your needs, from corporate presentations to audio CD pressing.

DVD Manufacturing

In addition to creating custom CDs, we also offer quality DVD manufacturing services. Such services include DVD authoring , duplication and we can convert archive material to DVDs too. If you are looking for a service that can create DVDs from the ground up, then our complete DVD manufacturing services are ideal.

Our goal is to give you a quality, custom multimedia product at competitive rates, and to make the whole process, be it duplication, replication or any of our other CD manufacturing services, as painless and easy as possible. For more information, or to obtain a quote on an order, please contact Digital Disc Duplication on 01793 863909 or follow the links for our quote forms.

Before the CD manufacturing stage we can offer advice regarding your product and even help with the creation of the final master or artwork. We also have professional designers to help you to create your design from start to finish or simply to check your finished files and artwork therefore providing the ultimate service.

To ensure that you receive the best CD manufacturing quality and to guarantee that every copy that we make is identical and works in the widest variety of players first time and every time, we always use a Glass Master manufacturing process where every copy is stamped from a specially produced master impression. Make Digital Disc Duplication the replicator of your choice to ensure the highest quality guaranteed. For low volume orders, use our duplication services.

We provide music CD pressing, CD-ROM and DVD replication services to deliver your custom multi-media product with as little effort to you as possible and at very competitive rates.

Email us on or call us on 01793 863909.  Digital Disc Duplication – where replication is made easy!