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Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

Mastering can make the difference between a good production and a great one.

However it does not magically correct mistakes made at the recording and mixing stages.

Mastering will give you an error free digital master ready for CD~production with starts and ends of tracks set correctly, order of tracks and silence between tracks consistent etc.

Level of tracks are set to give an overall album/single feel – this is just not about maximising tracks! Using Multi-band compression and parametric equalizers can enhance the overall sound of the track and album/single, for example when the track is lacking in depth or vocals need to come out more.

Digital Disc Duplication Mastering ensures every attention to detail such as the above mentioned and more so you can trust your project realises its full potential.

A word of warning when sending your recording for mastering – please don’t maximise the tracks, leave some head room for the mastering process to be more effective. Not sure? Call us first for any advice or help.

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