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Blu-Ray Authoring

Blu-ray is the new, high-definition version of DVD

Blu-ray offers vastly superior image quality, with animated pop-up menus and studio-quality surround-sound audio. This is possible because the blue laser used in a Blu-ray player allows the discs to hold over five times more data than DVD.

The market for Blu-ray is really starting to take off, and offers an outstanding opportunity for new releases:

  • 60% growth from 2010-11
  • Over 60% of homes US & UK homes already have an HD-Ready TV set
  • Blu-ray players are available for only £100
  • Very limited catalogue
  • Huge demand for new content

If you’ve seen and heard Blu-ray for yourself, you’ll know there’s no going back !

We can create a Blu-ray master of the highest possible quality from any HD source, and support the full range of capabilities of the format, including

  • Full 1920×1080 HD resolution
  • Animated BD-J pop-up menus
  • Multiple soundtracks
  • Subtitles
  • Picture-in-picture bonus content
  • DTS HD Master Audio 5.1 sound
  • Reference-quality PAL to NTSC standards conversion
  • BD25 & BD50
  • BDCMF & Full AACS copy-protection
  • Region coding

Additional on offer is professional lossless video editing and quality mastering for audio, motion graphics, channel or corporate idents and animation services, sound effects, licensed music or even composition and much more.

Our professional team can finalise your ideas with you, or plan a project from scratch on your behalf. Contact us and see what can be created for you – we’re more than happy to discuss any details before your commitment to us.

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