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ECD Authoring

Enhanced CD Authoring

What is an Enhanced CD?

An Enhanced CD is an Audio CD that includes CD-ROM data such as video, photos, web links, and more. Audio CDs have 74 minutes of available space, but most recordings contain less than 60 minutes of music. An Enhanced CD uses this leftover space to include additional data. In a normal CD audio player, an ECD simply plays music; but on a PC or Mac, it launches the additional content.

ECD format is designed to overcome the problems of the original mixed-mode CDs, which also contained separate tracks for audio and other data. Mixed-mode discs were often responsible for speaker damage; when a CD player tried to read the data tracks the result was loud static. Because ECD data and audio tracks are written in separate sessions, the data track(s) can be made invisible to a normal CD audio player, so that only the audio tracks are played.

Customers have used ECD technology to include video clips, artist profiles, lyrics, interviews, animation, promotional material, and even games on audio discs. Some bands use the extra space to include complete press kits on the same promotional CD – a feature bound to put the CD at the top of the reviewer’s list for sheer convenience!

Digital Disc Duplication can produce ECD’s from supplied masters written to the appropriate specification (which can be supplied on request) or we can create the complete product for you from scratch – just let us have the separate audio master and the video and/or data files and we’ll put it all together for you.

Remember, ECD’s don’t cost any more than regular audio CD’s to manufacture so contact us today to turn your music CD into an audio and visual experience.

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