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Blu-Ray Replication

Blu-Ray Replication

DVD Replication has evolved and the world of High Definition is now open in the form of Blu-Ray. With the format war between Toshiba and Sony over, Digital Disc Duplication have focused their investment on the single format rather than having to select between HD-DVD or Blu-Ray (or even considering both!) While it has taken some time for the consumer to take to this new format (retail costs were high and players inititally unrealistically priced), Digital Disc Duplication UK are prepared and can assist with your preparations for immediate or future requirements.

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Blu-Ray or Standard Definition DVD?

DVD became the fastest growing media format in history and it is not likely that Blu-Ray will follow that trend. Within a very short time the growth of the DVD practically killed off the VHS video tape with original releases being re-mastered for the new digital age however it is unlikely to see consumers rushing out to replace their DVD collection with re-mastered Blu-Ray versions. It is more likely that this latest format will favour only the new releases that are genuinely High Definition productions. Only time will tell but if you are unsure about your project and what is possible, or even better suited, contact us for some further information and quotes.

Licensing for Blu-Ray

For Blu-Ray replication you need to apply AACS (Advanced Access Content System) for which a license fee and royalty are paid.  In simple terms this is the copy protection (similar to the CSS system used for DVD but a far more complex algorithm). It has been developed with a consortium of companies including Sony, Toshiba, Intel and Microsoft involvement and is also a way to track any possible pirate activity. While there are many aspects still to be agreed regarding this and region coding for example, many manufacturers are reluctant to mass produce players in fear of their models becoming obsolete in the future but once these features and the authoring techniques become a standard these fears will be removed and you can expect to see more players available on the market at more reasonable prices. Digital Disc Duplication will guide you through the requirements and collect any necessary license fees and royalties WITHOUT any additional fees on top!

Blu-Ray packaging

It seems that while new formats are being developed there is also a consortium to decide what will become the industry standard packaging! The CD was born with the jewel case for example and now the Blu-Ray appears already neatly packaged in the blue Blu-Ray cases. They are similar to the DVD case but slightly smaller and of course different colour! There will no doubt be numerous other packaging options developed by various printers over time however it seems the retail shelves are already made to fit the blue case! Digital Disc Duplication, as with our other services such as CD replication and DVD Duplication can advise on all the latest options available and help with the design if needed. 

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