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CD-ROM Creation

CD ROM Creation

Digital Disc Duplication offers a design service for your interactive DVD’s and CD-ROM’s.
This is an essential element in the creation of your product.
The interface can be constructed in a way that suits you. There may be additional documents such as pdf and Word documents that need to be included requirement to run alongside other media such as video and animation.

Video on the web

Once we have created your interactive product there may be a requirement to have video or other information displayed on the Internet. We can offer a design service for this purpose. We have the experience and facility to create a single page for displaying video, graphics and information or a complete web site including shopping cart systems and data driven applications.

On and Off line

It is possible to create your CD-ROM product and have it interact with your existing web site or draw upon updated information which upon connection is pulled into the CD display, thus keeping your CD product up to date. This is ideal for Sales personnel who may wish to log into a secure area and have the latest information and prices imported straight into the presentation they are delivering.


There are many ways to display your interface and CD-ROM content, including Shockwave, Flash and html formats.

It is essential that different systems are happy to display your content and if it is delivered through an internet browser (on or off line) there are many available including Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and the Mac favorite Safari. We are conscious of this and make sure that our CDROM’s are happy to run in all browsers.

DVD and CD-ROM Content

Additional services are available to ensure your product is of the highest standard.

Our studio is equipped with the latest DV/HD equipment and therefore we can offer editing, voiceover and audio requirements for your project.

Our AV team can help you realise your goals whether it is a short video product overview, a company profile or a full-blown film.

Camera crews can be arranged to capture any additional footage for your product.

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