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Digital Disc Duplication also provides CD and DVD replication for the USA. Professional product and service – all GUARANTEED MADE IN AMERICA.  Email Us Here – MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) and PRS (Performing Rights Society) joined forces some time ago. PRS collects royalties on behalf of members for performances of members works in public places. MCPS collects royalties for recordings made/sold of members works (covers). For any DVD and CD replication or duplication project, if any material used is of anothers copyright a license for manufacture will be required. (AP1 or AP2) – PPL collects royalties for public performances of recorded music and video such as radio, clubs, bars and television. ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) are registered with PPL to track such performances. These codes can be included on your master for CD replication. – Represents producers of recorded works in volume (record companies for example) worldwide, to promote recorded music and expand the use commercially whilst protecting the rights of producers. – Resource for information regarding legitimate music online. – Formerly Recording Media or IRMA. Protection and declaration of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) ownership. To replicate CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or any media it is required to confirm ownership of the copyright or provide licensing/permission to use for replication by the owner of the IPR. – The legitimate place to obtain barcodes for your products. While many CD replication companies will offer “free” barcode as an incentive, technically they are breaking the rules. For further information see – Resource for rules and regulations to allow your music products to enter the charts. – Difinitive guide for unsigned artists providing industry contacts, advice and much more. – The British Recorded Music Industry. Represents the UK recorded music business on behalf of members in negotiations with governments and unions etc. Also qualifies the awards for unit sales of product i.e. silver,gold and platinum to indicate volume of sales. – Organisation representing collective interests of UK commercial music industry. – AIM (The Association of Independant Music). Provides resources, contacts and advice for independant record labels. – TAXI’s Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.