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Barcodes for your CD or DVD

One of the most regular questions asked of Digital Disc Duplication UK is “can you provide a barcode for my CD?” Well, the simple answer is yes we could however it would be wrong for us to do so! Why? First let’s establish exactly what a barcode is and what it is for!

Barcodes are primarily for identification purposes – ie when a retail outlet or chain stocks a product with a barcode, the product is entered to their system and “labelled” by the barcode number. Therefore whenever the barcode is scanned the product is identified and all relevant information for the product is registered. However it is not only the product that is identified and this is why it is wrong to simply use any barcode given to you for your CD or DVD.

Every barcode is made up of 3 parts. The first set of numbers are the membership number, or sometimes referred to as the “vendor code”. This is a unique number given to each member of the association for barcodes. The next set of numbers are the product code which could simply start at 0001 or could be the product catalogue number. The last number is the check digit which is calculated by an algorithm of the first two sets of numbers (but not to worry – there is software that will calculate the check digit!) These sets of numbers put together therefore will create a truly unique number for any product (as long as you do not use the same product code with the same membership number!) but more importantly the barcode will not only identify the product itself, but it will identify the OWNER of that product by the membership (or vendor code) within the barcode.

Some CD replication  or DVD replication companies offer “free” barcodes simply as an incentive to get your work however do you really want your product to be associated as OWNED by these companies? Digital Disc Duplication UK can offer help with barcodes and point you in the right direction however we do not feel it right to be seen to OWN your product! It’s yours! We can make the barcode for you and even place into your artwork but not give you the number.

Contact us for any advice regarding barcodes or for your custom quote for CD manufacturing or DVD manufacturing.