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Does Blu-ray signal the end of standard DVD?

Home video has been an enormous industry since the early 1980’s and at a time it seemed that tape was here forever! Then along came DVD and what an impact this had! Within a very short time the popularity of DVD outweighed the trusty VHS and pretty much killed it off.

Now we have the introduction of Blu-Ray so does this spell the end of standard DVD? There are many reasons why DVD replication specialists Digital Disc Duplication do not believe this will be the case.

The main reason we believe is this. Tape wears out after time and if cared for properly there seems no reason why a disc would deteriate – either in appearance or performance. Therefore when DVD was introduced it became hugely popular because consumers were able to replace their favourite collection with a format that should last and play with perfect results every time! No more tapes being chewed and no more having to replace your copy every other year! Film studios realised this popularity very quickly and it seems overnight all major film releases were re-mastered and re-released in this new digital format the DVD!

Now we have the next generation in Blu-Ray but will consumers need or even want to replace the DVD copies with this format? Time will tell but we believe this unlikely. There is little doubt Blu-Ray will grow in popularity as more new titles are released in true High Definition and players fall in price to encourage consumers to take this new step forward. Digital Disc Duplication are proud to already offer Blu-Ray Replication services alongside our DVD replication and CD replication services. Contact us today for further information or to quote for your next project.