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DVD Duplication Services in UK


DVD Duplication UK when searched does not always return results where the actual product is made in the UK. While the website you click to visit may appear in the UK and in fact contact details and addresses are all UK based, production may well be sourced overseas without you being made aware of it. OK so this may not be of a concern if the price is right but is simply buying because it’s cheap the best decision to make? If that was the case, everybody would own budget brand televisions and Sony or Panasonic for example would not exist but we know these brands are hugely popular mainly because consumers are confident in getting value for money. Not only will the television provide better quality viewing and audio but it is probably likely to last a lot longer than the budget brand and therefore potentially saving money longer term because it would not need replacing as quickly. Customer service is also highly regarded because you know these companies know what they are talking about!

The same principal applies to services provided. Making a decision purely because of a cheap price could potentially work out more expensive in the long run. Questions such as “why is this company so cheap” need to be considered as there could be a number of reasons. Actual knowledge of the service could be limited or all work could simply be farmed out therefore not providing you with the direct contact with the person taking care of your order are just a couple of possible concerns. Overseas manufacturing may also ring a few alarm bells – if product quality is not of the expected standard, where do you stand to get anything rectified? When searching for DVD duplication UK, maybe it is worth asking a few more questions about the companies you find prior to ordering. Test them on a few technical queries, ask for similar product samples to yours and find out where they are made.

When it comes to media, product quality is not the only concern with overseas manufacturing. Very tight laws apply in the UK for example with regards to IPR ownership. Similar laws are not always in effect for all countries therefore making such places good pirating bases. Would you hand your work directly to anybody you just know would rip it off? I am not suggesting all manufacturing overseas is dodgy – in fact far from it. There are many excellent facilities around the world providing top quality of product within the strictest of environment but let’s face it, as with the budget television compared to Panasonic televisions, these facilities are not likely to be offering purely cheap prices. More often than not the only way for some companies to win work is to offer cut prices simply because they cannot compete with the best when it comes to quality and service and therefore DVD duplication UK results will often find varying results when it comes to pricing. Is cheap really good enough for you?

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Cheap DVD Duplication Services – Determining Its Uses


DVD duplication services need not purely mean the copying or burning of the media itself. The full service ranges offered could include authoring for the master, audio mastering to ensure optimum quality, graphic design for the menu and packaging and even distribution. It is easy to simply hand over a DVD master and artwork to have mutlipe copies produced but would it not be of benefit if the company you are using could provide feedback and advice regarding your actual presentation rather than just copy it regardless of any potential quality or playback issues? We all look at the professionally produced movies on DVD and think “wouldn’t it be great if my DVD would look like that?”. Unfortunately basic software most of us have to create DVDs are simply not capable of achieving half of the possible functions and options but this is because such software is created for simple home movie use.

A decent company offering DVD duplication services could well have the resource to create exactly what you would like but just don’t have either the software or the knowledge to do yourself. Yes it would cost a little more than simply copying the basic master you could provide but potential benefits from that professional looking presentation could easily outweigh that initial expense. If you are distributing a corporate presentation of high value products or services, for example maybe luxury housing, you would want the potential buyer to be reaching for the cheque book as a result of the quality they have just seen rather than wondering if the investment as actually that worthwhile. Chances are you’ve already gone to great expense in getting decent video professionally shot and edited so it would be pointless to waste that potential by creating a DVD looking like a home movie.

The same applies to the presentation of the packaging. Putting a DVD in front of someone with just the title and contact details written on the cover hardly makes them open their eyes and want to view the contents. It could even be discarded without a look whereas if a well designed, attractive packaged DVD is put in front of the same person, offering tempting information that makes them want to find out more they are more likely to drop everything and watch it resulting in a potential buyer.

Simply copying, or burning media is easy and anyone could do that but the full range of DVD duplication services when used to achieve the ultimate quality can make that final difference between sale or no sale. If you are demonstrating your privately funded movie with the hope of achieving major distribution, the same applies. If the complete presentation comes over well, it has got far higher chance of success so is that little extra expense worth the risk for your production?

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DVD CD Duplication Is Made Easier With Backward Compatible Drives


DVD CD duplication is made easier with backward compatible drives – by that I mean there is no need for both specific CD writers and DVD writers because the DVD writer will not only burn DVDs but will also write CDs as well. Speeds do vary with CD capable of writing at much faster speed than DVD, not only because there is less data but because the pockets the data is written to has less capacity to fill therefore not making the burn so busy (in very simple terms). The fact the same drive can write both media is simply because they are both using the same red laser technology, and therefore the DVD is simply an expansion of the CD capacity.

For the same reason, companies providing DVD CD duplication use the same set up for both formats therefore without needing different equipment can keep costs low. With the price of blank media also much closer for the two formats these days the total costs are not so far apart as they used to be. Printing of inlays and packaging also uses the same methods as does the printing onto the discs themselves so with production costs able to be maintained at low levels it makes it far easier and cost effective to use professional services rather than burning individual copies at home.

Quality of printing for low volume has improved dramatically as well – both for inlays and discs themselves. Digital print provides photo quality whereas inkjet for example can look grainy. While the actual quality for low volume production can not be quite as high as the professionally manufactured retail CDs or DVDs, with the best available being used for printing they can provide excellent presentation copies for demonstration for example that would not simply be discarded because they look home made. If you are producing a product that is hoped to go into retail the last thing you need is to present poor quality as presentation goes a long way in final decisions.

There are other advantages of using professional services for DVD CD duplication rather than opting to do it yourself. It can open up a wider range of packaging options for example. While most burning software will have simple cover designer templates for you to design and print yourself, other options such as card packaging could be available which could provide just that little bit more of an edge for your demonstration. Something that looks different to the normal will usually raise interest straight away and therefore more likely to make sure that your product actually gets reviewed rather than placed on a pile with the rest that all look the same.

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Brief Introduction to CD Duplicating


CD Duplicating is quick and easy for anybody these days with most computers bought coming with disc writers and the software pre-installed. It is simple to back up any documents or pictures and of course audio or even make your own personal compilation of your favourite music rather than sorting through multiple CDs for various tracks.

What if you need multiple copies however, for example you have a demo CD or corporate presentation you need to get to various people? Burning them one by one not only becomes tedious and time consuming but also limits you to the presentation possibilities. OK so most CD burning software comes with basic cover designer layouts but then you print them on your inkjet, have to cut them to size, fold and pack into the cases adding more time, boredom and frankly producing the home made look.

Pretty much all of the process could be automated and with the right set-up, would result in professional looking product. Such equipment though can prove expensive, especially if you only have requirement to use it just a few times during any year. It therefore proves far more cost effective and time efficient to source a professional company offering CD duplicating. Most will offer the full service of digital printing for any covers or packaging and even direct print to the disc surface itself. It is suggested to avoid any printed labels that are simply stuck onto the CD as these can not only off balance the disc during reading but even cause damage to the drive should it bubble or start to peel off.

Disc printing can be achieved by many means but results can vary. Inkjet is quite cheap and certainly fine for quality, especially for simple text only designs. Colour images can look pale and not the sharpest but not too bad. Digital or thermal printing is better suited for colour disc printing as it is near photographic quality.

If at all possible however, if you find a company offering CD duplicating with screen or offset printing these are the same professional printing methods used for commercially released CDs such as music and ROMs. Screen printing is ideal if you have a corporate logo that is a specific solid colour as the actual pantone ink for that colour would be used. Offset, or litho, print is best result for full colour images, or tints. Mainstream DVDs or Blu-Ray are generally printed offset and you will notice the quality of the print they carry resulting in ultimate presentation for the complete product.

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Professional Duplication Services Provider Company in UK


Duplication services have been provided for media for many years now and the variety of platforms just keeps changing and expanding since the dawn of the digital era. Prior to this, audio was duplicated onto vinyl or cassette, video onto VHS (or even Betamax) and that was pretty much it. Any documents requiring multiple copies were in print form and duplicated that way.

Now we are totally digital and therefore opens up a vast array of media where duplication services can prove useful. Digital audio came out on CD and popularity for this grew very steadily – although slowly to start with as consumers were simply not sure about this new age but once confidence grew, vinyl and especially cassettes became a thing of the past.

Documents that previously needed printing were created as digital files and could be saved and duplicated. Initially floppy disks were the main media for carrying such ROM files but the introduction of the CD not only provided the ideal platform for audio but for data also. It had far greater capacity than the floppy disks and was more durable so the floppy disk soon became a thing of the past.

It was natural for video to follow suit into the digital age and while a few platforms such as the Laser Disc were trialled, none took off until the development of the DVD. MPEG 2 became the accepted quality for digital video distribution and with the capacity of the DVD allowing feature length movie and more, this was put to the consumers as the new format for video. Because of the similarity to CD and the now 100% confidence in this platform, DVD boomed and practically overnight made the VHS a thing of the past.

Like the CD, the DVD made way to many other uses other than just movies. Companies could distribute corporate presentations and catalogues of products meaning multiple page printed catalogues could be discarded and of course saving huge costs. With interactive features and weblinks easily utilised on the same disc it gave far more scope for providing clients latest information on products and services and more importantly the immediate option to buy without as much as picking up the phone!

This movement has continued forward with flash drives, USB sticks and of course direct download rather than the need for a physical product at all however the need for duplication services still proves strong across all platforms for consumers to have value for money with actual discs rather than downloads and for corporations to be sure clients are seeing their presentations rather than hoping they wil download.

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DVD replication requirements remains high in demand


DVD replication requirements are still showing strong despite the belief the format will disappear due to blu-ray and downloads. With the current global recession, everybody looks at outgoing expenses – not just individuals but corporations, production companies and of course independent producers. At the end of the day, consumer disposable income ultimately determines how fast new technology is pushed forward and the DVD is a prime example of this.

For quite a few years now, the DVD has been the accepted media platform for movies and as it is the movies that account for the vast majority of DVD use, we will use this as the example.

Let’s face it, we all like and even need to have some “me” time or leisure time to get away from the everyday needs like work and mundane house duties. Unfortunately most of the activities we would like to indulge in cost money and some more than others. Simply an evening at the pub these days would easily set you back twenty pound and while money is tight, the ability to afford such luxuries are limited. With most decent programs on TV being on the channels that cost to view, this also becomes a luxury many are foregoing so what’s the alternative? Well getting stuck into a good movie a couple of times a week is one popular alternative and with a few friends joining you with a few beers and a bottle of wine it makes it as entertaining as going to the pub but at a fraction of the cost.

For the same reason as not going out, consumers are not going to the additional expense of adding blu-ray players at home because let’s face it, we’ve all been more than happy with the quality of DVD for years now so the extra cost while funds are tight is not necessary. Similarly to the pay per view TV channels, decent internet speed is an extra expense and without top speeds, downloading movies simply is not viable so this proves not an option.

For these reasons the popularity of the DVD and therefore the DVD replication requirements remains high at present. Production companies are not going to ignore a platform that generates genuine sales and just as the consumers have to consider their expenses, so do the companies. Licensing and manufacturing costs of Blu-Ray remains far higher than for DVD and if the demand is not significant enough, these are additional costs that are not currently warranted.

Sure the time will come when consumer confidence returns as more disposable income is available and then there is a good chance a swifter change to the Blu-Ray platform will be seen but until that time and as we do not have the ability to see into the future for genuine ends to the recession, DVD replication remains high in demand.

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Brief Introduction to DVD Duplication


DVD Duplication provides a cost effective way to produce low volumes of DVD for demonstration purposes. It is important to note this method does not produce a genuine retail quality product. Only DVDs manufactured by replication will provide the shop ready article.

For replication it is common for the minimum production run to be 500 and in some cases 1000. DVD duplication provides the option of lower quantities. It is worth noting however that it can prove more cost effective to replicate – especially if you are likely to require more copies in the future. Costs for DVD duplication remain similar for each time you order whereas replication unit costs are lower. For example if you ordered 200 duplicated DVDs initially and then had a requirement for a further 200 a short time later, the likelihood is it would be far cheaper to replicate 500 or even 1000 at the outset.

Another important factor to consider is compatibility. Although success rate is very high, it is impossible for any company offering DVD duplication to 100% guarantee that every copy will work in any drive. All discs have errors and although these errors are not determined by the actual data, because the duplicated DVDs are burnt to blank recordable media, every disc will be different. It is even possible some brands of blank media are not compatible with some drives or the speed at which they are burnt can cause issues. Replication avoids these issues because each disc is pressed from a stamper created from a glass master. Because each disc is replicated from the exact same source and are pressed they will all be identical with the purest possible result.

Printing and packaging are also likely to be different. For replicated DVDs, the print is standard as screen or litho. It is not cost effective to print low volumes with these methods and therefore the alternatives are usually digital print or inkjet. Results should still look good however can never truly compare with the professional retail quality product provided with replication.

That said, there are still many advantages for DVD duplication. Not only the option of low volume but the turnaround is usually much faster than replication so for those trade shows or demo copies that are needed within a few days it provides the perfect solution.

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Brief Introduction to CD Replication


CD replication is the only method that will provide genuine retail quality CDs. This is often confused with duplication however there are many genuine differences including the fact that retail stores simply would not stock duplicated media. Apart from the appearance comparisons, only replicated CDs provide 100% compatibility and the last thing any retail outlets need is returns of products that do not work and this can happen with duplication.

The process for CD replication involves creating a glass master from which a stamper is made to physically press each disc. This results in every copy being identical therefore eliminating the chance of a drive not reading the disc. Duplicated CDs are burnt blank media – just as you would write a CD on your computer. Because each burn is a fresh copy on blank media there are always differences with the discs. Burn speed can vary, brands of blank media vary and therefore it is impossible to be sure all will work on any drive.

It is commonly believed that CD replication is more expensive but in fact the opposite is true. If you only need a low volume then yes duplication would be the cheaper method however total costs often start favouring replication over duplication when requirements reach only 200 copies. Although you would likely need to order at least 500 copies for CD replication, this could be cheaper than duplicating 200 copies and it also results in the better quality.

Many packaging options are available for CDs these days and methods of printing also vary. Low volume runs would rely on digital or even inkjet printing which although can produce good quality, it still cannot compare to the professionally litho printed product. Larger volume requirement also means prices can reduce but also enables wider choice due to the price inhibitions for low volume. In conclusion, not only can you achieve the best quality but also the wider options with CD replication.

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Brief Introduction to CD Pressing


CD Pressing is still very much in demand despite what you may hear or read in the news. It seems everybody assumes all media is downloaded these days and while this may be true to an extent, it does not wipe out the demand for discs entirely.

Take the music industry as the prime example. There has always been a demand for singles and albums. Prior to the download availability, both were offered as CDs. When you consider the CD pressing cost of both is the same regardless of if there were 3 tracks or 15 tracks of music, it is natural for consumers to want to pay only pence for a single track to download rather than pay a few pounds for the same track on CD. Imagine how many thousands of singles are bought during a week and then you can see how many CD sales have been lost in singles due to downloads.

Now consider the album. Again the CD pressing cost of the album is the same as for the single but for the consumer it provides far better value to get on average 12 tracks for only a few pounds more than the cost for 3 tracks (and often just the same song re-mixed). Then consider the same cost to download the album and you are likely to pay at least the same as you would to buy the physical CD. With the download you get the same music yes but you do not get the sleeve notes or possible bonus features such as video that is often on the CD these days. When you buy the CD, you still get the easy option to transfer the tracks onto your portable player as well but you cannot create the genuine CD from the downloaded version therefore it is quite easy to see there is far better value to buy the CD rather than download.

Festivals and concerts are more popular today than ever and bands will carry merchandise for sale on tour. If you like what you hear, you are more likely to want to buy that music there and then. If you are in the middle of a field covered in mud with little or no signal on your phone, there is little chance of downloading but the bands merchandise stand will likely carry their catalogue of releases therefore concluding again that the demand for CD pressing is still very much alive.

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If CD players are not made will it spell the end of CD replication?


CD Replication – Still life left!

Many have assumed the requirement of CD replication will die off now that many manufacturers are stopping production of CD players. Why? One of the main advantages of the CD is it will play on CD players, DVD players, ROM drives and of course now Blu-Ray players so to assume consumers will no longer want to buy music CDs is crazy!

Not so many years ago, home entertainment systems were stacked high with different players for different formats – turntable, cassette player, CD player, VHS etc but as the disc format has evolved, this stack can be compacted to just one unit!

When the CD first launched, although it took a little while for consumer confidence, vinyl and cassette collections were replaced with the new re-mastered digital format. When DVD launch, almost overnight the VHS collections were replaced because the trust in the CD format was so solid, all could see the advantages of using discs rather than tape. CD replication and DVD replication requirements were at an all time high because they were practically the only formats consumers wanted.

What made it better was the DVD player could become the only needed to play both your movie and movie collections and with many all in one surround systems you could do away with that original stack of old Hi-Fi gear taking up space in your home! Now we have Blu-Ray which will eventually replace the DVD player as it can play all of your disc collection.

Eventually it is possible the DVD replication requirement will phase out as consumers buy the Hi-Def platform but there will be no need to replace the old DVD collection in the same way as replacing the VHS collection with DVD. At the same time however, as has been seen with the complete lack of consumer interest in Hi-Def audio only (DVD-Audio for example), it is extremely unlikey for pure audio products to be released on Blu-Ray discs as there will no use for the capacity which is why we believe the humble CD will still be in demand for many years to come.

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