CD Replication & DVD Duplication Services UK  CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services UK

Brief Introduction to CD Duplicating

CD Duplicating is quick and easy for anybody these days with most computers bought coming with disc writers and the software pre-installed. It is simple to back up any documents or pictures and of course audio or even make your own personal compilation of your favourite music rather than sorting through multiple CDs for various tracks.

What if you need multiple copies however, for example you have a demo CD or corporate presentation you need to get to various people? Burning them one by one not only becomes tedious and time consuming but also limits you to the presentation possibilities. OK so most CD burning software comes with basic cover designer layouts but then you print them on your inkjet, have to cut them to size, fold and pack into the cases adding more time, boredom and frankly producing the home made look.

Pretty much all of the process could be automated and with the right set-up, would result in professional looking product. Such equipment though can prove expensive, especially if you only have requirement to use it just a few times during any year. It therefore proves far more cost effective and time efficient to source a professional company offering CD duplicating. Most will offer the full service of digital printing for any covers or packaging and even direct print to the disc surface itself. It is suggested to avoid any printed labels that are simply stuck onto the CD as these can not only off balance the disc during reading but even cause damage to the drive should it bubble or start to peel off.

Disc printing can be achieved by many means but results can vary. Inkjet is quite cheap and certainly fine for quality, especially for simple text only designs. Colour images can look pale and not the sharpest but not too bad. Digital or thermal printing is better suited for colour disc printing as it is near photographic quality.

If at all possible however, if you find a company offering CD duplicating with screen or offset printing these are the same professional printing methods used for commercially released CDs such as music and ROMs. Screen printing is ideal if you have a corporate logo that is a specific solid colour as the actual pantone ink for that colour would be used. Offset, or litho, print is best result for full colour images, or tints. Mainstream DVDs or Blu-Ray are generally printed offset and you will notice the quality of the print they carry resulting in ultimate presentation for the complete product.

Why not get a great quote for CD duplicating from Digital Disc Duplication – where all product is still Made in the UK – and get the best of both worlds for your new release.