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Brief Introduction to CD Replication

CD replication is the only method that will provide genuine retail quality CDs. This is often confused with duplication however there are many genuine differences including the fact that retail stores simply would not stock duplicated media. Apart from the appearance comparisons, only replicated CDs provide 100% compatibility and the last thing any retail outlets need is returns of products that do not work and this can happen with duplication.

The process for CD replication involves creating a glass master from which a stamper is made to physically press each disc. This results in every copy being identical therefore eliminating the chance of a drive not reading the disc. Duplicated CDs are burnt blank media – just as you would write a CD on your computer. Because each burn is a fresh copy on blank media there are always differences with the discs. Burn speed can vary, brands of blank media vary and therefore it is impossible to be sure all will work on any drive.

It is commonly believed that CD replication is more expensive but in fact the opposite is true. If you only need a low volume then yes duplication would be the cheaper method however total costs often start favouring replication over duplication when requirements reach only 200 copies. Although you would likely need to order at least 500 copies for CD replication, this could be cheaper than duplicating 200 copies and it also results in the better quality.

Many packaging options are available for CDs these days and methods of printing also vary. Low volume runs would rely on digital or even inkjet printing which although can produce good quality, it still cannot compare to the professionally litho printed product. Larger volume requirement also means prices can reduce but also enables wider choice due to the price inhibitions for low volume. In conclusion, not only can you achieve the best quality but also the wider options with CD replication.

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