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If CD players are not made will it spell the end of CD replication?

CD Replication – Still life left!

Many have assumed the requirement of CD replication will die off now that many manufacturers are stopping production of CD players. Why? One of the main advantages of the CD is it will play on CD players, DVD players, ROM drives and of course now Blu-Ray players so to assume consumers will no longer want to buy music CDs is crazy!

Not so many years ago, home entertainment systems were stacked high with different players for different formats – turntable, cassette player, CD player, VHS etc but as the disc format has evolved, this stack can be compacted to just one unit!

When the CD first launched, although it took a little while for consumer confidence, vinyl and cassette collections were replaced with the new re-mastered digital format. When DVD launch, almost overnight the VHS collections were replaced because the trust in the CD format was so solid, all could see the advantages of using discs rather than tape. CD replication and DVD replication requirements were at an all time high because they were practically the only formats consumers wanted.

What made it better was the DVD player could become the only needed to play both your movie and movie collections and with many all in one surround systems you could do away with that original stack of old Hi-Fi gear taking up space in your home! Now we have Blu-Ray which will eventually replace the DVD player as it can play all of your disc collection.

Eventually it is possible the DVD replication requirement will phase out as consumers buy the Hi-Def platform but there will be no need to replace the old DVD collection in the same way as replacing the VHS collection with DVD. At the same time however, as has been seen with the complete lack of consumer interest in Hi-Def audio only (DVD-Audio for example), it is extremely unlikey for pure audio products to be released on Blu-Ray discs as there will no use for the capacity which is why we believe the humble CD will still be in demand for many years to come.

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