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Brief Introduction to CD Pressing

CD Pressing is still very much in demand despite what you may hear or read in the news. It seems everybody assumes all media is downloaded these days and while this may be true to an extent, it does not wipe out the demand for discs entirely.

Take the music industry as the prime example. There has always been a demand for singles and albums. Prior to the download availability, both were offered as CDs. When you consider the CD pressing cost of both is the same regardless of if there were 3 tracks or 15 tracks of music, it is natural for consumers to want to pay only pence for a single track to download rather than pay a few pounds for the same track on CD. Imagine how many thousands of singles are bought during a week and then you can see how many CD sales have been lost in singles due to downloads.

Now consider the album. Again the CD pressing cost of the album is the same as for the single but for the consumer it provides far better value to get on average 12 tracks for only a few pounds more than the cost for 3 tracks (and often just the same song re-mixed). Then consider the same cost to download the album and you are likely to pay at least the same as you would to buy the physical CD. With the download you get the same music yes but you do not get the sleeve notes or possible bonus features such as video that is often on the CD these days. When you buy the CD, you still get the easy option to transfer the tracks onto your portable player as well but you cannot create the genuine CD from the downloaded version therefore it is quite easy to see there is far better value to buy the CD rather than download.

Festivals and concerts are more popular today than ever and bands will carry merchandise for sale on tour. If you like what you hear, you are more likely to want to buy that music there and then. If you are in the middle of a field covered in mud with little or no signal on your phone, there is little chance of downloading but the bands merchandise stand will likely carry their catalogue of releases therefore concluding again that the demand for CD pressing is still very much alive.

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