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Duplication services have been provided for media for many years now and the variety of platforms just keeps changing and expanding since the dawn of the digital era. Prior to this, audio was duplicated onto vinyl or cassette, video onto VHS (or even Betamax) and that was pretty much it. Any documents requiring multiple copies were in print form and duplicated that way.

Now we are totally digital and therefore opens up a vast array of media where duplication services can prove useful. Digital audio came out on CD and popularity for this grew very steadily – although slowly to start with as consumers were simply not sure about this new age but once confidence grew, vinyl and especially cassettes became a thing of the past.

Documents that previously needed printing were created as digital files and could be saved and duplicated. Initially floppy disks were the main media for carrying such ROM files but the introduction of the CD not only provided the ideal platform for audio but for data also. It had far greater capacity than the floppy disks and was more durable so the floppy disk soon became a thing of the past.

It was natural for video to follow suit into the digital age and while a few platforms such as the Laser Disc were trialled, none took off until the development of the DVD. MPEG 2 became the accepted quality for digital video distribution and with the capacity of the DVD allowing feature length movie and more, this was put to the consumers as the new format for video. Because of the similarity to CD and the now 100% confidence in this platform, DVD boomed and practically overnight made the VHS a thing of the past.

Like the CD, the DVD made way to many other uses other than just movies. Companies could distribute corporate presentations and catalogues of products meaning multiple page printed catalogues could be discarded and of course saving huge costs. With interactive features and weblinks easily utilised on the same disc it gave far more scope for providing clients latest information on products and services and more importantly the immediate option to buy without as much as picking up the phone!

This movement has continued forward with flash drives, USB sticks and of course direct download rather than the need for a physical product at all however the need for duplication services still proves strong across all platforms for consumers to have value for money with actual discs rather than downloads and for corporations to be sure clients are seeing their presentations rather than hoping they wil download.

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