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DVD CD Duplication Is Made Easier With Backward Compatible Drives

DVD CD duplication is made easier with backward compatible drives – by that I mean there is no need for both specific CD writers and DVD writers because the DVD writer will not only burn DVDs but will also write CDs as well. Speeds do vary with CD capable of writing at much faster speed than DVD, not only because there is less data but because the pockets the data is written to has less capacity to fill therefore not making the burn so busy (in very simple terms). The fact the same drive can write both media is simply because they are both using the same red laser technology, and therefore the DVD is simply an expansion of the CD capacity.

For the same reason, companies providing DVD CD duplication use the same set up for both formats therefore without needing different equipment can keep costs low. With the price of blank media also much closer for the two formats these days the total costs are not so far apart as they used to be. Printing of inlays and packaging also uses the same methods as does the printing onto the discs themselves so with production costs able to be maintained at low levels it makes it far easier and cost effective to use professional services rather than burning individual copies at home.

Quality of printing for low volume has improved dramatically as well – both for inlays and discs themselves. Digital print provides photo quality whereas inkjet for example can look grainy. While the actual quality for low volume production can not be quite as high as the professionally manufactured retail CDs or DVDs, with the best available being used for printing they can provide excellent presentation copies for demonstration for example that would not simply be discarded because they look home made. If you are producing a product that is hoped to go into retail the last thing you need is to present poor quality as presentation goes a long way in final decisions.

There are other advantages of using professional services for DVD CD duplication rather than opting to do it yourself. It can open up a wider range of packaging options for example. While most burning software will have simple cover designer templates for you to design and print yourself, other options such as card packaging could be available which could provide just that little bit more of an edge for your demonstration. Something that looks different to the normal will usually raise interest straight away and therefore more likely to make sure that your product actually gets reviewed rather than placed on a pile with the rest that all look the same.

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