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The future of CD according to HMV…

So HMV have predicted the life of the CD to be for another five years only. And they have based this information on all facts? Of course not – this is a result of their sales volumes only and although they would like to think the only place to buy CDs is at HMV it is clearly not the case.

Now although it is clear fewer sales are achieved through retail stores (as is the same for many items these days) there are also many other facts to consider for the CD.
Sales volumes have certainly fallen since the peak in the mid 2000’s and by some considerable amount this is true but look at why.

Digital downloads are the largest factor in this and as a direct result, physical CD singles are rarely released these days. It makes sense to download an individual track for pence rather than buy a CD of the same track for pounds. Now imagine how many singles are bought each week and take that volume of physical sales off for CDs and there you will find the majority of the volume fall in sales of CDs straight away.

This in no means shows the start of a trend but accounts for the understandable difference in requirement now compared to when there was no alternative. From the other point though, while the albums are also available for download in the same way as singles, sales of albums have not switched to digital and therefore shows the consumers want to have physical CDs for their money and to maintain a collection.

Also consider the options available for where to buy your CDs from. We all like to save money and if that means buying from online retailers rather than shops it is natural to do so. We understand and certainly sympathise with the fact stores have higher costs to meet than online retailers but the simple fact is consumers won’t consider that and just buy from them because they feel sorry for them.

It is up to the retail stores to offer the incentive rather than complain. Reward schemes or bonus items for example. Yes all would eat into profits a bit but it is surely better to compete and remain in profit rather than do nothing but complain and disappear altogether?

Maybe the likes of HMV should support independent artists directly more as well – it is difficult to get your music to retail unless you are signed to a label with distribution and all that goes with that. With huge margins taken by the distributors and retail stores there is less for the writer of the actual music which is simply wrong.

It is little wonder these artists self release and go via online distribution and sales at gigs etc rather than attempt the retail store route. With direct support from stores it could possibly prove a win win situation for retailer and artist. Something new and exclusive to attract the customer through the doors of the shop!

I certainly do not agree with the views of HMV regarding the future of the CD – I think they are words of sour grapes. Digital Disc Duplication are continuing to see higher demands for CD replication year on year which can only prove positive for the industry and long will this continue.