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Festival Time

Summer is here (as I look out at the rain pouring down!) and that means the festival season is in full swing! With the major events already being attended to capacity there are ever increasing numbers of smaller events in all areas around the UK showcasing not only known artists but introducing local artists as well.
There’s something about playing in outdoor settings that creates that extra buzz – probably combination of the feel good factor of summer itself and the atmosphere due to high energy crowds that you just can’t quite get the same interaction from when indoors.
We all know about Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, V etc etc which are of course those that are sold out year on year but there are literally hundreds of other outdoor gigs and festivals in practically every county that are staged and create the same electric buzz and feel good factor. Sometimes being on the smaller scale it feels that little bit closer to the live action and therefore making you feel part of the whole event rather than relying on the big screens.
As ever there are loads of merchandise stalls selling the usual home made jewelery and crafts but these also add to the unique feel of our UK festivals. For the performers it also provides ideal opportunity to sell their merchandise and music. If you’re an up and coming artists with the chance to perform at any of these events over the summer it would be an ideal time to arrange your CD duplication and make some extra needed cash!
Enjoy the summer while it lasts – get to the outside gigs and experience the atmosphere for yourself. It’s not always muddy but even if it is, nobody cares as all are there for one thing only – to have a great time!