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Talking Xmas already? …..

So the summer festival season is over and despite the typical British weather, the attendances were typically to the limit resulting in great atmospheres and increased sales of CDs for artists at the stalls! But what next? Well it’s Christmas! There, I’ve said it in September! (still, the chocolates have been on sale in supermarkets since July so I’m not that premature!)
Although it seems an age away, in order to make the most of the highest sales potential for the whole year it is essential to get releases prepared and out there as quickly as possible. CD replication is at capacity from now through mid December therefore delaying your artwork preparation or audio mastering for example could cause problems meeting your launch date!
Digital Disc Duplication always suggests allowing three full weeks for replication during this period, and for some packaging such as the ever popular digipack (for which we have some great deals by the way) it is best to allow for even more time. Advance planning is never a bad idea and at least if you advise of when your launch date is you can know when the artwork and master would be needed by in order to make the deadline. Because the manufacturing is actually here in the UK you know the quality will be of the highest standard and there will be no delivery delays which all help to give you just that little bit extra breathing space!
It is astonishing to consider that something like 70% of the total sales of CDs for the year are for the christmas period – huge volumes and this isn’t just for the major releases! If you’re booked to perform at a company christmas party, chances are if you have CDs to sell there will be willing buyers! All possible events and places to sell your CD will see increased interest as happens year after year so don’t miss out!
Contact Digital Disc Duplication to be sure to make your deadline and get your share of this increased sales window called Christmas!