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CD Replication still hot in demand

How many of us do you think genuinely take a long time considering the gifts we will buy for family and friends at Christmas? More often than not we take a couple of hours either shopping online or nipping to the nearest shops during lunchbreaks to get it all completed as quickly as possible! As a result of this lack of interest and time to research all options, the old favourites such as books, toileteries and of course CDs end up in our shopping baskets! It is probably fair to say a very high percentage of us will each receive at least one CD in our gift pile because music is something practically everybody will have an interest in.
Because we like to actually give presents rather than vouchers, demand for physical CDs remains high and this year is proving no different showing the volume of requirement for CD replication. It’s not only the major releases that benefit from greater demand either. There is much more awareness of independant releases available and how to buy them too.
More people will buy at gigs because they know a friend who would like what they’ve just heard and as the celebrations for the festive season start with office parties and annual friends gatherings more artists find new audiences as they tour the circuit. It doesn’t just end at Christmas Day either because a week later it’s the New Year celebrations and the feel good party atmosphere bring more people out to see in the ever hopeful optimistic better than last year celebrations, therefore more opportunity to reach new audiences who would potentially buy your latest CD release.
As always, CD replication requirements peak during the build up to the festive season and this year the increase in demand has not started any later than previous years. Another indication that demand for CDs has not fallen as much as some would have you believe! It is always best to allow for that little bit extra time in planning your release so that you do not miss out on the extra sales opportunities.
Digital Disc Duplication will help plan your projects to meet with your required launch dates so why not call today and get great service at excellent prices. And they make everything here in the UK too for that extra secure knowledge of IPR protection and quality assurance! Make the most of the highest demand for CD sales for the year and make sure you make your release date on time! Have a great Christmas!