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Last minute CD duplication

T’is the season for CD duplication – too late I’m afaid to guarantee CD replication this side of Christmas but it is still possible (if you’re quick!) to get duplication. Been booked for Christmas party or even New Year Eve gig? Use the opportunity to sell some of your CDs and to make a few extra quid!

Even if you’ve just finished your latest album and not due for official release until the new year, why not use the festive gigs to get a few advance sales while you potentially play to completely new audiences that would otherwise not hear you? Chances are if you give them a great party to remember they will want to go away with memento.

The other advantage of duplication over replication, other than the turnaround time is the fact you can get shorter runs. Replication is typically cost effective for 500+ copies but duplication could provide say 100 copies just to cover immediate needs.

Yes quality can vary with duplication, especially with the print so be sure to check what is offered. Cheapest price quite often means cheapest quality. Digital Disc Duplication offer only top quality screen or litho print for the discs themselves rather than inkjet etc therefore appearance is exactly as a genuinely replicated CD.

Yes we would always suggest replication for the ultimate quality and compatibility but sometimes it does not warrant the time required or the quantity so duplication does provide the ideal alternative. Just favour your odds of quality by choosing the service provider carefully.

In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas and prosperous new year and hope this festive season proves successful in sales of your latest (and back catalogue) CDs.