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Proud to be Made in the UK

How often do we hear phrases from governments such as “we have the best skilled work force here in the UK compared to anywhere” yet in the next breath all floodgates are opened to allow “free trading” between countries from all around the world and the UK? Now obviously there is a need for certain levels of free trading between different economies – at the end of the day there are certain items we all need that simply cannot be produced within our beloved UK for various reasons but there are many things also that could and have been produced here in the UK at the highest quality possible but are no longer made here due to other suppliers providing them cheaper. But does cheaper always provide the best results?
So you’ve saved a whole £1 on that shirt because it was stitched in China rather than Cumbria but then you have to replace it within weeks because that cheaper stitching has come apart….. now I’m not suggesting this is always the scenario but let’s be honest, there are not many of us that believes the things we buy Made “outside of the UK” are the best in quality but more often than not there is no longer the choice. As a result of there being no longer the choice, the prices we pay creep up and therefore defeats the object of farming that work out of country in the first place. Having competition in any business is good and healthy – particularly for the consumer because it means suppliers have to keep prices honest and keen but when the competition is removed due to one supplier (or one supplying country) cost cutting so dramatically there is nothing left to prevent that cost cutting supplier to control pricing to boost their profits.
Apart from anything else, it is also a confidence boost for quality just seeing the label “Made in the UK”. You kind of feel buying something with that label not only will be good quality but it is protecting jobs for these difficult times where new jobs are difficult to find. It does seem sometimes that not much product is actually made here in the UK these days however CD replication is still very much available despite the overseas competition (and even the UK companies sourcing manufacturing overseas purelyl for cheaper product). If you’re a musician in the UK or a film producer in the UK, why not have your CD or DVD replicated here in the UK and add with pride to your artwork “MADE IN THE UK”.