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CD Manufacturing for musicians

Being a musician, whether professionally or purely for the undeniable pleasure it brings, the personal goal is always to perform at your best possible ability. Seeking perfection when on stage or in the recording studio often means hours of rehearsals leading upto the main event but the pure buzz you get when you perform that perfect gig or come out of the studio with the perfect mix is difficult to beat!

Despite the continuing gloom of the economy however, practically everybody still enjoys music and will normally allow a small percentage of their budgets to buy new material. Downloading obviously makes this more accessable to many and possibly cheaper if they are track selecting rather than complete albums but having said that there are still many people that prefer a physical CD for their money rather than just a file.

The options for CD manufacturing are duplication for low volume or replication for larger volume. While replication is the ideal route to take for highest possible quality, the required volume may simply not be there always however the good news is with vastly improved printing methods for short runs in comparison to years gone by, quality need not be compromised and therefore with the desire to achieve the best possible result the choices are no longer limited.

If you are needing just a hundred or so CDs to sell at your gig or purely to send for promotion, you can be confident they can be produced at the highest quality and not look home made anymore. They do now impress for your intended promotion!

While times are difficult and budgets are smaller, it is reassuring to know available options will not compromise your objective to provide the best possible production.