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The French fight back on piracy…

So France has come up with the 3 strike rule for those downloading copyrighted material from illegal sources! Any why not? CD replication companies suffer enough as a result from actual disc pirates so why not go that stage further and combat those sitting at home stealing music and movies from illegal sources!

The IP companies are not so happy about this because it puts the responsibilty on them to actually carry out the cut off and to police internet activity all the more closely but surely they should take some of the responsibility due to the actrual nature of the service they provide!

What is the 3 strike rule? Well initially if a user is found to be downloading copyrighted material from sources other than legitimate sites such as iTunes, an email is sent warning them to stop such activity or their internet access will be withdrawn. Strike 1! If they were to do the same, the 2nd warning is to be sent by letter. Strike 2! If they still ignore the threats, their internet provider cuts the service for at least 1 year! Strike 3 and out!!

The idea of course is to encourage the legitimate purchase of music and video etc, either as CD or DVD or from legitimate download where the correct fee is paid. Let’s face it – most people these days would be lost without the internet whenever they want so it just could help with the desired effect. So maybe they are the small fry but collectively every person sitting at home downloading illegal music, video or software makes one pretty big dent in CD replication requirements and legitimate sales of your products.