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Self bulk duplication.. Does it save costs?

With the current credit crunch it is common for many companies and individuals to make cut backs wherever possible in order to stay in financial existance! It is however possible to believe a “cutback” is saving when in fact it can ultimately cost more…

A prime example of this is with CD or DVD replication. While you can often buy blank media in bulk at a cheap rate, to print them or even print labels for them is not only an additional cost often overlooked but the result is far inferior to the print process used for DVD or CD replication. The wear and tear on the printer along with the amount of ink needed is not considered and then the time required to actually duplicate the CDs or DVDs all adds up to additional cost. Not forgetting the drives that will need replacing after too much use…. 

The replication method can actually save vast sums of money for quantities from 300 plus and it will also result in superior quality product for appearance and reliability!

Contact Digital Disc Duplication to find out how little your CD or DVD replication will cost – with all the elements required to duplicate the same project, you will find huge savings to be made with replication!