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REAL CD replication quotes…

Many CD replication companies boldly advertise “CDs from 12p” or “1000 packaged CDs from £550” for example but they never advertise what you would get for that money or how many you need to order! It is much the same principal as the retail stores boldy advertising in their shop window “Up to 70% OFF”. Of course this attracts your attention and encourages you to enter the shop but when you do the 70% off items are either sold already or things you would never want but by the time you’ve discovered that you’re in the shop and have noticed something else you would like to buy! While this advertising method is considered a good marketing ploy by some, another commonly used word could be a “con”!

Digital Disc Duplication UK does not practice this type of attraction seeking advertising. Yeah we could offer CDs from as low as 10p (if you want 100 000 + without packaging) or we could offer 1000 packaged CDs from as low as £525 + vat, which would include glass mastering, 1 colour on body print, 4 page 4/1 booklets + 4/0 Inlays packaged into Jewel Cases and delivered in the UK! Notice the difference between how we have written the prices to how others advertise? We have clearly stated what you would get but because we know every project is different, we offer custom quotes. Therefore when you complete a quote request form from Digital Disc Duplication UK, you will receive an exact quote for YOUR project rather than an example price purely to entice you to order.

Fair pricing is just one of the policies adopted by Digital Disc Duplication UK – another is the guarantee of your product will be Made in the UK! Contact us today and know what you will get, the quality of service and product you will get and how much it will cost you right from the start! NO hidden extras!