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Portable movies….

So it seems the film industry are actually doing what the music industry should have done years ago! They are giving their customers the product bought in 2 formats in order to provide flexibilty.

For some time now, CD and DVD replication specialists Digital Disc Duplication UK have talked about possible alternatives to fight piracy and illegal downloads. It simply seems logical to include on discs the original un-compressed version of the product as well as a compressed version that can simply be transferred to mobile phones or MP3 players etc. It’s not as if you’d be giving people something they couldn’t get hold of anyway – instead it is encouraging them to buy the complete product in its best format with providing the convenient format as well!

Many movies are now being released with 2 disc sets – on the 2nd disc is the portable version of the movie that can be copied once onto your device therefore allowing you to effectively make a back up of your purchase! You’ve still got the best quality version on the disc to relax and enjoy at home but you can also then take your favourite film on a plane for example or to watch during lunch break at work…. whenever you want! And you don’t have to risk an illegal download to achieve it!

Digital Disc Duplication UK offer great prices for DVD replication and CD replication which therefore can put your product in price range to offer similar multi formats! Contact us today to see how you can offer your audience the same deal!