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Overseas CD & DVD Replication – safe from piracy?

Well I’m not going to say “told you so” but news this weekend finally sees a counterfeit CD and DVD operation being raided in Taiwan. But the news also carries the fact that this operation has been KNOWN to be running for THREE YEARS! With discs seized that would result in a LOSS of £130 MILLION for legal copyright owners alone, how much has been lost during the entire reign of this operation?

Orders were being taken via the internet in China with the copying and distribution taken care of in Taiwan and monthly turnover figures of this operation were consistantly growing! How many other similar operations are in practise over there and for how long will they be allowed to continue before any action is taken?

Digital DIsc Duplication UK manufacturing facilities are firmly rooted in the UK and therefore strict anti-piracy rules are adhered to. Can you be sure that all companies offer this security? There are many cheap prices offered by a lot of UK based companies however in order to achieve such cheap prices the actual manufacturing is often sourced overseas. Not only is this putting your master at risk to this pirating activity but what control do you have over the quality of the manufacturing and what happens if something goes wrong? Can you get the job re-done or even refunded? So many possible problems that could occur just because it is cheap! But how much cheaper is it overseas than here in the UK? Well why not try getting a quote from Digital Disc Duplication UK for CD replication or DVD replication and compare for yourself! You will be pleasantly surprised that the cost of security for your project is not that high!

How can you be sure what we say is true? Well check out the recommended manufacturers list of MCPS-PRS-ALLIANCE. Here you will NOT find every company offering CD replication services but you WILL find those that are seen by MCPS-PRS to protect your copyright interests!