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New year Deals for CD|DVD replication

Welcome to the next decade – will requirement for CD replication and DVD replication continue as we progress? While many will probably immediately say no, we have another theory! Yes the download age is here to stay and will continue to grow however there is still a huge requirement for physical product.

Of course there is less demand for physical CDs or DVDs than say ten yeays ago but of course there were no downloads at all then! As the next couple of years progress, we will see the share of the market requirement more clearly.  Just as before CD, there was a market share for vinyl and cassettes!

There are also fears for the CD because many manufacturers are not making CD players anymore but when you think about it, there is no need because a DVD-Drive will play CDs therefore no need for both. Likewise with Blu-Ray, as it can also play DVD there will eventually be no need for DVD drives and so on. It does not mean consumers cannot play their CD collection anymore.

Many also forget the human factor of impulse buying at festivals for example and the simple feeling of having an actual product for their money rather than a file downloaded! As we have seen, for music the physical single product has pretty much died but we believe the physical album will maintain a decent share of the marketplace alongside the downloaded version.

Digital Disc Duplication saw an INCREASE for demand of physical CD product for the last quarter of 2009 compared to same period 2008 so this again points favourably for future CD replication requirements. And with prices lower than ever before, there is no reason to lose potential physical product sales by releasing digitally only.

Why not get a great quote for CD replication or DVD replication from Digital Disc Duplication – where all product is still Made in the UK – and get the best of both worlds for your new release.