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New year CD releases….

Many I am sure will be glad to see the back of 2008 and those of us in the DVD and CD manufacturing industry are no different! With the fight against piracy continuing and the poor economy resulting in many CD replication companies failing a fresh new year we can hope will bring a change of fortunes for all of us!

With positive signs for the fight against piracy and government actions from around the globe to help the economies, maybe 2009 will show improvements! Many CD and DVD releases have been delayed until 2009 while many uncertainties within the industry were finalising and as capacities are lowered to meet with actual demand, it could well see prices for replication stabalising again and more importantly, the route for products to get to the retail shelves running more efficiently again!

Digital DIsc Duplication UK are proud to still offer all CD and DVD manufacturing IN the UK and at fair prices that have been maintained for some time now! While many other companies have simply sourced cheap overseas manufacturing and then offered price matches, Digital Disc Duplication UK continue to offer the high level of service and quality of product without any compromise and without overpricing from the start!

Contact us today for a custom quote on your 2009 release – as many songs have stated before now “Things Can Only Get Better”