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My burnt CD won’t always work…

It is often assumed that just writing a CD in your computer will produce the same reliable playback as you get when you buy a professionally produced CD from the shop. This however could not be further from the truth.

When you write your CD on your computer, you are burning the data whereas a professionally produced CD is replicated (pressed using a stamper). The pressed CD is as near flawless as possible which results in the reliable playback however with a burnt or duplicated CD there are many possible scenarios that could result in playback problems.

No combination would ever be the same so therefore CD duplication can never be described as reliable unlike CD replication. Simple facts such as CD-RWs used to write your data to are not playable in many older machines or burning too fast can cause block errors that another reader cannot correct.

Imagine sending your Demo CD to the record companies but it is not heard because of playback problems. It is unlikely you would ever know because they are unlikely to call you to request another copy so it is possible opportunity lost….

Digital Disc Duplication realise it is not always practicle to produce hundreds of CDs for demo purposes but we also realise the importance of getting them heard which is why we offer a low minimum order quantity for professional CD replication of only 300!

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