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Low volume replication…

Most companies offering CD replication have a minimum order quantity of 500, and some even 1000. If you require fewer than this, these companies would offer CD duplication but may not actually explain the difference between the two.

Digital Disc Duplication not only clearly explains exactly what you get with the different services but can offer CD replication for volumes of 300 plus. This not only provides clients with the option of getting the best quality of product without the need for excess to required quantity but it also widens the choice of printing and packaging options.

Replication also provides the best platform for future re-press requirements at lower than duplication costs. Of course as with most custom manufactured product, the higher quantity you require for replication the lower the unit price will be but for those with limited quantity needs you can still get the choice for quality.

Contact Digital Disc Duplication for your custom quote and get the choice of product at a lower minimum order quantity.