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Horror DVD sales grow…

There are numerous genres of movies and some come and go while others remain a  continuous success. DVD replication figures show that Horror movies are growing more popular year on year. To date this year total sales have already exceeded those of sales for horror films in 1998 and we still hear all the time that DVD replication is becoming less in demand?

While the appetite is still obviously for consumers to own their favourite movies and with the increasing popularity of Blu-Ray, Digital Disc Duplication still firmly believes demand for discs will continue for some time and not be totally over-run by download or video on demand. Another recent survey concludes that media products bought are actually stored in the original packaging rather than discarding and storing in simple wallets. This again shows that consumers like to own the entire product as intended rather than just a file stored on a hard drive. CD replication volumes may have dropped dramatically recently but only due to the singles market mainly being dominated by downloads. Such changes were inevitable for that market but album sales still increase and the popular choice still remains the humble CD because it FEELS like the real thing and that it has genuinely been produced by your favourite artist!

Marketing companies always come up with some hype to try and convince us how we should be buying products but when it comes to our home entertainment, facts and figures still show we like CDs and we especially like DVDs. Blu-Ray replication will no doubt gradually overtake the demand for DVD but for the immediate future there is plenty of demand for all!

Contact Digital Disc Duplication for your media replication requirements – we offer CD, DVD and Blu-Ray. Don’t believe the hype when facts show sales increasing. You don’t want to lose that opportunity!