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Help tackle the DVD pirates…

Following yet another raid in Birmingham uncovering “wall to wall” stocks of illegitimate DVD copies, a recent report from Oxford Economics shows that some very simple steps that could be taken to help tackle the film piracy would actually go towards increasing UK economic output by £614 million.

Not only would such steps help protect jobs in the DVD replication industry and the film and production industry in general, the report suggests a further 7000+ jobs would actually be created within the wider economy.

CD replication requirements have decreased recently mainly due to the singles market becoming mainly download but DVD replication has continued to thrive, even in the wake of Blu-Ray and therefore any moves to help lessen the piracy would protect income, including £155 million for the treasury!

Currently total economic losses due to copyright theft top £1.2 billion and while many industries are receiving bail outs (many for problems caused by their own greed) the DVD replication industry purely asks for simple legislation to help protect jobs and save economic loss to illegal activity.

Digital Disc Duplication fully supports any calls for tighter legislation in the UK and beyond. Enough jobs in our UK DVD replication industry are lost to overseas facilities already due to many companies outsourcing the manufacting but Digital Disc Duplication maintain the guarantee of all CDs and DVDs Made in the UK so any help supporting our cause can only benefit the industry and economy collectively.

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