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Free music for products!

I love music – as a musician and as a fan! Good music is not manufactured with set components or magically pieced together by robots on a factory floor. It is the life and soul of the creator and very often a complete story that has taken time to evolve. So what gives companies such as Nokia the right to GIVE music away simply to sell more phones?

We all know that record labels are complaining about revenue loss due to downloads and that CD replication requirements have fallen slightly but this still does not mean the artists should have their masterpieces used simply as a marketing tool! They deserve better than that and the fact so many major labels have signed up to this new deal with Nokia is a sign they do not care about their artists rights.

Music should be paid for appropriately and to the artists themselves. The labels should not practically give it away to device manufacturers simply to re-coup some of their losses. If they had opened their eyes properly to begin with then they could have embraced the digital age for music rather than fight against it and lose! It was never the fault of the artists therefore they should not pay the penalty.

Moves such as this could potentially see more independant releases rather than via a label. After all – the market place is world wide now and consumers know what they want and how to find it! You don’t need to rely on what music the labels are releasing anymore.

Musicians I think deserve better deals than currently available and maybe the route via the smaller label who will not sell you out is the way forward. Digital Disc Duplication UK provides quality CD replication services at fantastic prices to help you on your way and you can even be proud to include on your artwork the CD is Made in the UK!