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Equal penalties for Copyright theft…

So you are at home and about to download the latest Album from ColdPlay but you are not downloading from iTunes or even ordering (and paying for) an actual copy of the CD. You think it is OK to get the tracks for free via p2p sites! Well consider this – it is effectively the same as pirating the CD!

When you find the bootleg copies of CDs and DVDs at car boot sales and markets, when caught, these pirates copying and selling such discs will face serious penalties and lengthy spells in prison. Well now there are calls for similar sentances for online copyright infringement.

At the moment, sentances for online infringement carries maximum 2 year terms whilst the terms for those copying discs can be up to 10 years. When the result and the intention of the pirates action is the same regardless if it is phsical product or illegal download facility, it seems right that any sentancing should be equal.

The entertainment industry is one which we all have affection for, whether for Music, film or games but it cannot provide quality products we have become accustomed to for free! Maybe tougher sentances will help to deter such pirate activity or maybe it is the individuals downloading that should be punished. If the deterrent to stop those is good enough, the sites would not have a purpose!