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DVD Sales figures UP!

So who said DVD replication requirements were declining in the UK? Not Digital Disc Duplication UK! At the start of the month we predicted increasing demand with our article regarding the recession and today official figures are released confirming our prediction!

The latest figures show an increase on 3rd quarter sales by 6.5% over the same period in 2007. Close analysis of the figures show Septemeber sales alone have increased by 7.4% on the same month of 2007. Bearing in mind this quarter is not influenced by the Christmas market, it surely proves positive indications for continued growth and demand for DVD replication.

Digital Disc Duplication UK provides authoring, mastering,replication and duplication services for DVD and can also provide Blu-Ray replication for HD releases. While nobody wants recession in the UK to last, just maybe it results in the boost for home entertainment which ultimately means a boost for those releasing DVD projects. With the Christmas market now in effect, these latest sales figures prove that there has never been a better time to sell DVDs. Nobody unwraps a download for a Christmas present – millions unwrap a DVD! Make the most of this opportunity and contact Digital Disc Duplication UK for a quote on your DVD replication requirements.