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DVD Replication keeps growing…

Look at these figures just released. 11 BILLION EUROS! Quote a figure and yes, this is the total retail revenues expected to be achieved by the end of 2008 for the home video market in Western Europe alone!

So is DVD replication becoming a requirement of the past? No! When you then take that 11 BILLION EURO figure and establish a huge 97% of that is generated from bought product and only 3% from download it shows that the general public are still preferring to part with the cash and actually hold a product of value!

With the launch of Blu-Ray and the growing popularity of favourite TV shows purchased on DVD it is the belief of Digital Disc Duplication UK that this format still has plenty of life left yet. Downloads will increase also however this could even help with continued product sales as consumers may take to download to try before they buy!

Many forums and so called experts predict the disc in general to be a thing of the past but who are those that start these discussions and rumours? Well obviously not the public because they are still proving they prefer actual product! It is the opinion of Digital Disc Duplication UK that many marketing companies and internet service providers would benefit greatly from a download world and therefore constant rumours and talk of the disc becoming obselete could scare consumers into believing it. Proof however is seen when the consumer shows they are not gullible idiots and continue to buy their favourite movies or shows on a format they choose and long may this continue.

For your next project release don’t be concerned about DVD sales falling – they  are not and the facts prove it! Contact Digital Disc Duplication UK for a quote and give your customers the format they have chosen.