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DVD Replication growth…

As we have previously suggested, media entertainment products and services such as theatre, cinema, DVD and music could actually prosper during a recession and now statistics for 2008 have proven just that!

The London West End saw an INCREASE in visitors to the shows, as did cinema attendance around the country. While consumers are sacrificing holidays and regular pub and restaurant visits, they are instead going for short city breaks or weekly cinema visits which cost far less than a couple of nights out at the pub!

Home entertainment then picks up as time spent at home increases therefore more people buy DVDs, CDs and games – again a cheaper alternative to the regular pub or restaurant visits!

Current exchange rates now means CD and DVD replication services are likely to be better value when Made in the UK so you also get the quality assurance and knowledge your copyrighted material is in safer hands! This is what Digital Disc Duplication UK have ALWAYS offered – not only when exchange rates favour to do so!

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