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Counterfeit DVD street traders – More are caught!

Wirral magistrates passed sentences to three street traders for their part in manufacturing and selling counterfeit DVDs this week. Although this outfit seemed on the surface to be on a far smaller scale than some of the other recent raids it is never the less an important message to send to other such criminals.

The DVD replication industry is not the only affected by such traders. The retail outlets within the area are hit by loss of revenue due to those buying counterfeit rather than genuine DVDs. The fact also that many people buying from such traders are unaware they are getting DVDs that quite possibly won’t work and the price they pay is not that much lower than the cost of the genuine copy if you were to buy it from the shop accross the street!

Then consider the reputation of the area these traders operate. If an area is considered to be rife with criminal activity, it is hardly likely to attract other businesses to move to the area which in turn results in fewer jobs available in the area and so the chain reaction continues. Does this warrant saving 50p on a DVD that probably won’t work properly?

It may be considered such crime to be unworthy of police time when many other serious crimes remain unsolved but it is equally important to get the message across that ALL criminal activity will be investigated and those responsible prosecuted regardless. If left alone it just spreads a message that the area is free of policing and therefore attracts further crime.

Companies such as Digital Disc Duplication, a DVD replication specialist for the UK and beyond are not the only losers if DVD pirates are allowed to trade free – an entire neighbourhood could suffer as a result of crime. Therefore don’t shop FROM the dodgy DVD dealers – shop THEM!