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Counterfeit DVD operation raided…

The legitimate DVD replication service providers takes every measure possible to keep your copyrighted material safe from piracy. There are various levels of disc copy protection available for starters but the real genuine providers will make sure your DVD is replicated in an anti-piracy compliant factory  as well.

We all know that whatever protection is applied, sooner or later this is cracked or some way to get around the protection is found and the street pirates then produce illegitimate copies. These copies however will inevitably experience playback problems for those that buy them but of course there is no chance of any refunds! It is therefore good to see that such activities are investigated and stopped with another pirates operation in Stockport, Manchester being found this week! This operation was operating at 3 locations in the area and to date there have been several arrests. Another down and hot on the trail of the next already….

But is it only the street pirates we should be aware of? Unfortunately it is known of pirated DVDs to be replicated at overseas factories and unless you know where your master is, how can you tell if your project will be pirated at source? Many companies in the UK outsource overseas DVD replication purely to achive cheap product but this could result in costing much more than the few pound you may save in replication costs!

Digital Disc Duplication UK guarantees all product is Made in the UK and can also provide the copy protection for your discs. Contact us today for information and for a great quote on your nect project.