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Clean up piracy deadline set…

So the target has been set to rid London of bootleg DVDs, CDs and any other media format by the time the Olympics arrive in 2012. Pirated material in the UK alone costs the CD and DVD replication industry millions each year so to see such determination from authorities is a welcome signal.

Penalties for illegally copying and selling media can include up to 10 years in jail and unlimited fines so with the latest drive being issued to clamp down on this activity, if you are involved in such crime it is probably best to stop what you are doing before you ARE caught!

Although the initial target to clean up maybe London, other areas are not forgotten! The operation covers the entire UK and as the news was announced, a raid in Glasgow seized counterfeit DVDs and CDs and resulted in arrests for those responsible.

It is not only the DVD and CD replication industry that loses to pirate activity however. The owners and creators of the original work loses, the production company, distribution companies, retail outlets all lose and ultimately the consumer loses as less money is available to produce the quality new entertainment we all love.

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