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CD Replication – why so many companies failing?

Choice it seems is limitless when it comes to selecting what company to trust for your CD replication requirements but what do some of these choices really mean? In recent times there have been many companies offering CD replication that have failed and many of these are in the UK. They include brokers or service providers and the actual manufacturing plants themselves.

It is no secret that many overseas factories offer very low prices for CD replication and as a result many brokers or service providers are attracted to buy these services at low prices. There is often little consideration for the possible consequences and I doubt very much if these factories are ever visited by these brokers in order to check out the facility. It purely comes down to price so they can attract customers based on low price only rather than quality of product or service.

With regard to the factories that have closed in the UK recently it often amounts to similar reasons (although in different ways). GREED! As with the brokers or service providers who seek larger volume due to price alone without the concern of the clients product well-being, the factories in the UK that failed all wanted larger volumes and basically commenced with price wars in order to bid each other out. As one failed, another bought the failed company expecting to win the order book and larger volume but as with any failed company, the problems began long before the doors closed and such problems then carried on to the new owner and as customers are wiser than credit given, many had already moved on hence the problems spilled over to the new owner rather than increasing their order book resulting in further failure.

As with current economic conditions greed is often the cause of failure and rather than caring for clients needs, more revenue is sought which results in clients being let down. Digital Disc Duplication UK are different to this. While we offer great competitive prices we do not try to be simply the lowest priced. Our clients deserve more and the quality of the product and services we provide far outweigh the need for us to simply try to make them cheaper. The couple of pence per CD you save with another provider could cost you hundreds in reputation if you receive inferior product quality!

Digital Disc Duplication – PROUD to be in the UK and PROUD to offer CD replication that is MADE IN THE UK!