CD Replication & DVD Duplication Services UK  CD Duplication & DVD Duplication Services UK

CD Replication – the real deal!

Dare I say it but the Christmas season is rapidly approaching and already the CD replication and DVD replication turnaround times are increasing slightly. Recent years have seen many factories close due to excess capacity (especially in quieter periods) although actual volume requirement continues to increase, especially for DVD (regardless of what you may read).

Every year it seems more and more titles are released for the festive season and yet every year you get those that wait until the last moment thinking there’s still plenty of time to get their product replicated, packed, shipped and distributed before the season finishes!

Why be the last minute panic? It’s not as if the date of Christmas changes randomnly each year so give yourself that extra time to complete your project and not have to compromise on any detail due to lack of time. Now is the time to contact Digital Disc Duplication UK to arrange your schedule so you do not miss your distributors deadline to get your product into the shops!

You simply don’t get given a download as a Christmas present – the actual CDs or DVDs are still bought, wrapped and given as presents all over the world and this year will be no different. Recent figures still show the home entertainment market as growing with the disc format still by far the favourite so don’t be fooled by the hype and don’t think companies such as Digital Disc Duplication UK will have loads of capacity to perform miracle quick last minute turnarounds!

Get your quote today and plan ahead – Christmas will be here sooner than you think and with the help from Digital Disc Duplication, your CD or DVD will be ready in plenty of time and of the highest quality you’ve come to expect!¬†